Fisk På Disc - In Search Of The Holy Mackerel

1. Opening fish (pianogjest: Carl Eric Husebye)
2. Nostalgia
3. Breakin' through
4. Nu har bonden slagtet fåret
5. Marin margarin
6. Stein Bitt
7. Finally adressing a school of mackerel

Fisk På Disc er:

-Willy Kopperud, instrumenter, vox og lyrics
-Roar Borge, instrumetner og vox

Cover Art/Design: Randi Hovden Borge


Here we are then, concluding "In Search of The Holy Mackerel", our first CD release at TIBProd. It's up to the listeners to decide whether or not that Holy Mackerel indeed has been located.

We have both used and abused found objects and instruments. The basic sound material is to a very large degree improvised and acoustically based. Those sounds (noises) have later on been digitally reworked in Roar Borges studio,"The musical box". If we in any sense can talk of composing here, that composing has taken place after the original recordings. The digital rework- ing is indeed the composing process. Cut it up and piece it together, so the story goes...

Our aim is to deliver a vision of the beauty and the beast, the noise and the poetry of the salt seas. There are many qualities of noise, we hope you can identify some of them om our CD.

Roar Borge has been chief of the PC programming and all other technological chores. The direction(s) and the ideas have been decided by both of us.

Willy Kopperud has been chief of monotonous chanting, singing and certain poetic attempts.

So, you squids and lighthouse keepers, have a nice day by the waterfront, listening to FiskPåDisc!

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