Christian Galarreta

Bases his work, in the process of digital/analog sound and silence in life sessions, using technical as the indution of error in the software/hardware, the elaboration of generative tools via programming or self made physicall intruments and the use of the sound at extremely low or high level, what characterizes their performances. he formed EVAMUSS and DIOSMEHAVIOLADO, some of the most active musical projects of the Peruvian experimental scene between 1995 and 2002. Also by those years he founded ALOARDI, a independent South American label with a total focus in the sound exploration, alternative investigation and the organization of multidisciplinary events. Some of that is ATATAW!!! ( a "radio" program on line with experimental character) and ALONET ( label on line to free download music and projects). These two last years Aloardi is co-rganizer of SURADIO a project of South American artists live concerts via stream and festival VAE . At the moment Galarreta publish solo records and collaborations with a lot of artist and labels of all the world, also he have various stable projects like Tica (with Fabiola Vasquez), Chichi y Riko (with Gabirel Castillo), Azucena Cantrix (with Wilder Gonzales) and many others.



Lo que sea por mi destrucción – Tica (Aloardi 2006)
Spli and Ideal – Christian Galarreta/Cristo Demoledor (split No-Age 2006)
Musica Tradicional de Carne y Silicio - Christian Galarreta (Dreamland
Recordings 2006) http://www.archive.org/details/dlnet035
La Paz - Christian Galarreta/Neuma (split microbio records 2006).
Caminando sobre nubes – Varios Artistas. CDR, Superspace Records 2005.
Reorganización - Azucena Kántrix. CDR, Superspace Records 2006.


Océanos Imposibles - Azucena Kántrix/Moscas Nekrasov. CDR, Superspace
Records 2005.
Compilación de Música Experimental Latinoamericana – Varios Artistas. mp3
album , Aloardi 2005. http://www.aloardi.net
Ruid On / Huay no - Christian Galarreta. mp3 Album (2005). Free
Ome 08 – Christian Galarreta. CDR, Simlog 2005. www.simlog.tk
El video mato a la estrella de ruido – Parchis (Christian Galarreta /Daniel
Caballero). CDR, Superspace Records 2005.
Peruperformance – Christian Galarreta. mp3/full lenght,2005. Free
Sou(nd)venirs - Christian Galarreta. Archivos EXE/disquette, 2005. Free
download: www.festivalvae.com/soundvenirs.htm


Orizona - Christian Galarreta. mp3/Ep Dreamland Recordings 2004.
Contacto – VA. CDR CCE 2004
Inventos divertidos para niños solos - Gabriel Castillo/El Hombre topo/ C.
Galarreta. CDR Aloardí 2004
Regalos para las almas 1 - Azucena Kántrix: C. Galarreta, Wilder Gonzales,
Daniel Caballero y Raúl Gómez. CDR, Superspace Records 2004.
Las estrellas están tan lejos -V/A. CDR, Superspace Records 2004.
Jorge Haro / u_2003 : remixes & mutations - V/A . Mp3/free download, 2004.
The noise and the city 2LP - V/A. mp3/free download, Autres Directions in
Music 2004
Mixtape! – VA. mp3, internerds recors, 2004 http://www.internerds.org,


Ejercicios de desolación artificial 1 - C.Galarreta/ Panlo Reche. CDR
Aloardi 2003
Primavera lap top - Christian Galarreta .CDR Aloardí 2003
Pitsitsiroiti - Evamuss. CDR Aloardí 2003
Laberinto Sonoro -VA. CD-ROM Aloardí 2003
Contrataque -VA. CDR 1001Records/YP producciones 2003
InterzonaCD01 - V/A. CDR. Interzona 2003.


Instalaciones - Christian Galarreta .CDR Aloardi 2002
La confitería es la mejor de las religiones - VA. CDR Aloardí 2002
Caleta Finale – VA. Doble CDR, Caleta 2002


Chrs - Evamuss. CDR. Aloardí 2001.
Amistad Teriya - Christian Galarreta, Ivan de los Santos y Juan Valenzuela.
CDR Aloardí 2001.
The other side 2 – VA. ZianTapes 2001.
Ayacucho 15/09/2001/Demon House - VA. CDR, Aloardi 2001.


Deja! - Evamuss. CDR. Aloardí verano-invierno 2000
Auquico - Evamuss. CDR. Aloardí 2000.
X-per´mental - VA. ZianTapes 2000.
The other side - VA. ZianTapes 2000.
Puertas de ruido - Evamuss. CDR Aloardí 2000


Arritmia – Evamuss .CDR Aloardi 1999.
Noika-Koita1 - Evamuss. CDR Aloardí 1999
Noika-Koita2 - Evamuss. CDR Aloardí 1999


Alaustru(bla)3 - Evamuss/Fractal. cassette Aloardí 1998.
E.muss – Evamuss. Cassette Aloardi 1998
Electroshock – VA. Cassette GJ RECORDS 1998.
Di-versiones – Diosmehaviolado . Cassette Aloardí 1998.


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