MONOID - Pattern Hiding, tibcd42

PATTERN HIDING is another approach to noise music by Monoid. Here I use short natural sound samples taken from metal or plastic to create rhythms and noises. These are merged with synthetic sounds into a mixture of click'n'cut, experimental ambient and typical Monoid song structures. The result is a sound not as much centred on bass patterns as in former Monoid releases with fragmented but repetitive rhythms.

PATTERN HIDING is released as a 3" CDR by tibprod, Norway. A mp3 single available for free on the tibrod homepage will be released in parallel.

PATTERN HIDING is a technique to counter stegoanalysis by creating noise structures not recognisable by statistical analysis.

By Ergo at Gothtronic.com
Monoid is one of Martin Steinebachs projects. This is a busy German, because nowadays, he has created four projects: Monoid, Conscientia Peccati, Stillstand and his latest creation: Compest. Monoid was intended to give him the opportunity to create some harder rhythms and distortion. This has been partially successful. Honestly speaking, I don’t think there are very hard rhythms on “Pattern Hiding”, but I do appreciate the way in which Martin uses his distortion. Personally, I would call this a ‘clicks & cuts’ project, but what’s in a name? “Pattern Hiding” is actually a very entertaining CDR. Most of the time demos like this, brought to you with a printed/photocopied inlay, are of crappy and dusty quality. But the sound produced on this disc is fortunately very good and the music is pretty melodic. In the beginning I thought my stereo set was busted or maybe it was just the CDR. But the cracking noises are actually part of the opening song ‘Semantic Seed’. After a while some funny, almost beastlike noises appear. In his project Conscientia Peccati, Martin makes use of animal and nature sounds and I get the impression that he filters these sounds through his distortion machine and thus creating the funny and refreshing samples. ‘XOR Code’ is equally entertaining and innovative. ‘Funny Synth’ is a lot less convincing. Now the squeaks and noises become irritating and even get on my nerves. Absolute highlight of this CDR is ‘Hidden Truth’: this turns out to be a very moody, spooky, and melodic creation. Yes, I have a lot of fun with Martin Steinebachs projects...


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