Sindre Bjerga - Tales From Topographic Oceans

Cut-Out. (short mp3-extract)

..This week sees a much more interesting solo release by Sindre Bjerga. He's one half of Fibo Trespo and runs the Gold Soundz label. I am told that many of his tracks take up to twenty minutes, so the format of 3" CDRs is well spend on him. Although it's unclear what his sound input is, Bjerga seems to be improvising around here with electronics and percussion elements. Although two distinct sources, the two swirl nicely in and out of the mix. Sometimes the electronic element is stronger than the other and there is some extensive use of reverb. One could even say it's a far cry to the well-known David Jackman sound, or rather his Organum sound, in the areas of 'Vacant Lights'. Quite nice, this one. Frans de Waard, Vital Weekly

Gold Soundz

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