There are 12 tracks here, all blasted out with a fearsome commitment. There can't be more energy and ferocity contained and channelled in such a noise/experimental fashion, without losing something. It all shows, that this collaboration is angry, belligerent and uncompromising. A benchmark in extreme music.

Ah yet another new Label popping up in the world of Harsh noise and Industrial music. This scene is growing more DIY by the moment and it makes me more happy each day. This one pissed off release if the 1st few minutes has anything to say about it. Harsh noise mixed with electro chaos. I really think the apocalypse would sound slightly more friendly. Its a 40 min assault to the ears and scenes. Comes packaged in a very nice Film / Transpanency styled package. If your a fan of Goat, BDN, I:G and the noiser works of Emil then this is totally for you. I would highly recommend this to you all of you.