Fortunatamente la norvegese Tibprod si prende anche la briga di pubblicare un disco a durata piena a firma Paolo Veneziani, visual e sound designer in rapida emersione, sicuramente tra in nomi più in vista del panorama elettronico italiano e tra i più esportabili all’estero. Disco questo che è una retrospettiva di musiche composte nell’arco di 6 mesi a cavallo tra il 1996 ed il 1997 e che dimostra l’attitudine del compositore piacentino, gia in tempi non sospetti, ad esplorare i territori più estremi del suono elettronico contemporaneo. Elettronica dal carattere cosmico ed allucinato, che si incentra prevalentemente su suoni acidi e graffianti costruiti con competenza su basi melodiche e ritmiche dilatate e fluttuanti. Davvero catturante è l’effetto atmosferico che ne deriva, momenti drammatici si alternano ad altri più stranianti ma sempre ad altissimo coefficiente emozionale. 6 soundscapes ad alta suggestività per un ascolto davvero avvincente. Da non perdere.
musicclub.it (di Vittorio Marozzi - bleeps@katamail.com )

Paolo Veneziani resurface with a slow but atmospheric albums. These wonderfully driven melodic ambient releases command a new kind of respect. Every shred of feeling on these records are laid bare in an unpretentious organic way, and it's without trying too hard. Tense, inventive and utterly electric, Paolo Veneziani is an obsession waiting to happen. giag.lv

Paolo Veneziani is an Italian electronic musician who has lately focused his activities on graphic design, while still releasing music now and then, as in a recent mp3 release on TIBprod. TIBprod itself re-releases Veneziani's early compositions, namely "The first floor" (1996-1997, 6-track cdr) and "The puddle ep" (1996, 4-track cdr), with a new layout. Considering that they were conceived and played quite a while ago, I think they've grown up quite well - Veneziani's ambient electronica is not my cup of tea, but it still has interesting edges that make the listening experience worthwhile. Imagine a mix of synth-driven cosmic ambient, minimal beats and some more recognizable soft melodies, and you'll get the picture.
Chain DLK

The name Paolo Veneziani may not ring a bell right away, but he's a visual artist, and did several of the covers for Tib prod. In the past he was also active as a composer of music, and the recordings on these two releases stem from the years 1996-1997. I am a bit clueless why they weren't put onto one CDR. 'The Puddle' has four tracks of time stretched samples and a slow, almost trip-hop rhythm and technoid bass-lines. The title piece leads towards a more cosmic ambient affair. On 'The First Floor' things move in a more experimental direction. Rhythm only exists by the sake of loops used, or super slowed down such as in 'Before The Flood'. Whereas 'The Puddle' has a pleasent play, I thought that 'The First Floor' was a bit poor on ideas and that these poor ideas dragged on a bit too much for my taste. Not every musician is a great visual artist, and vice versa is also the case.
Frans de Waard, Vital Weekly