Another fine release on Tib Prod. comes by Iversen. This project offers an excellent 16 minute-long dark journey through an ever-changing environment. It's like being stuck in a filmscore or radio broadcast. The first part of the soundscape reminds of Max Eastley and David Toop's album Doll creature (mysterious low key rumbling full of delicate micro emotions), whereas the second half of this recording offers a rich variety of short fragments, like horn sessions or full orchestral sounds with string instruments, on top of a dense, noisy underground.

The final new Tibprod is by label boss Iversen, who presents a work in progress. Mainly live work in progress, or something that is to be extended for a live show. Embedded in thick clouds of layered noise, suddenly music swirls about, classical music. No doubt the mass of noise is processed classical music too, me thinks. Quite a nice start for something that could easily be expanded, and maybe could played live. Interesting noise.
Frans de Waard, Vital Weekly