Iversen + Various - Lifting Iversen

‘Lifting Iversen’ is a selection of fine artists remixing some previously unreleased tracks of mine. CD will very soon be available from LOOOP. But as of now! you can get it directly from me or via the TIBProd-page at Discogs. It should also be available digitally from Beatport as well as Juno Download, Amazon, Itunes +++ (couldn’t be bothered linking to all of them).
AND, it’s on WIMP and on SPOTIFY.

All remixes (in the un-mastered version) has for some time been available via youtube with videos to go with them. Here’s the complete tracklist w/the youtube-link

01 Iversen by Adults With Chicks – This Used To Be Nothing
02 Iversen by Robert Horton – Protector
03 Iversen by Tzesne – Galiana
04 Iversen by Terje Paulsen – Fussboden
05 Iversen by Nils Rostad – Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal
06 Iversen by Pål Asle Pettersen – Mellowharsher
07 Iversen by Kai Kobi Mikalsen – There Are Signs Of Brains
08 Iversen by Kaoss 99 – Bor Du Også I Verdensrommet, Pappa?
09 Iversen by HOH – Mormorpengepung
10 Iversen by Xerxes – Radio Attractivity
11 Iversen by Sirk – Rotwang
12 Iversen by Kjetil Hanssen – Ephemeral Zyzzyva
13 Iversen by Roar Borge – Is There Anybody Down There In The Deep?
14 Iversen by Sindre Bjerga – Wonderfoul

Big thanks to the remixers plus great big thanks to Txesus Garate for Mastering and brilliant cover-design.


The good sir, Herr Iversen, decided at some point it was time to sit back for a while to nurture his beer belly while others do the job… Some play, while others work, Iversen could be heard chuckling away while stroking his beard… No, not really…
About 3 years ago Iversen sent out a selected piece of music to artists we must presume he has a certain relation to. Not only selected pieces these were, but they were targeted pieces especially meant for these artists. The big bulk of artists on this disc are Norwegian, but there are a few exceptions, the mighty Tzesne from the Basque country dreams up a beautifully imaginative white noise rainforest, radiant butterflies and flower-munching insects included. The ever-present Robert Horton gets Iversens electronics stuck in some weird vertigo, chasing it madly with unseeming amounts of cutlery. Don't play that track on Sunday mornings. Terje Paulsen adds closely miked sheet metal and some beautifully arranged bowed strings to build up eerie atmospheres. Nils Rostad plays his now-patented pig guitar to the slaughterhouse-electronics "ambiance". Pål Asle Pettersen takes it apart and then gets on it cutting, slicing, stacking, layering and creating some sort of Pita "Get out"-era over-saturated digital bleeding. Kobi sounds like they sent the electronics through the CERN particle generator in Switzerland and pushed the "slow speed" button by mistake. Kaoss 99 treats the material like a mad scientist, turning it all into bleeping, bouncing bubbles of electronics sending them into a weird non-circular orbit, stuck forever in an astral pinball machine. Xerxes sets it all adrift nicely flowing pure Kraftwerk-style. The ever-expanding horizons, the constant motion, the bliss… HOH adds full instrumentation, playful drums hooks you into the groove, lushy guitarlines drives it all nicely into the lounge… Sirk's and Kjetil Hanssens contributions are more electronics from the empty quarter, sorta poisonous sounds from cotton-wrapped speakers… Roar Borge stuffs it all into the big musical box, puts a lid on and then starts to heat it. Like the sound equivalent of a rat trying to find its way out of the labyrinth, but in a scary way… Sindre Bjerga sounds like he's trying to break open the CD-player while the last track is playing. It doesn't work. Cos when you start it again, you can hear the lush electronics from Adults with Chicks. Perfect for a sunny afternoon on the North pole.
The compilation is expertly mastered by Tzesne, lifting Iversen and everyone else on here to new levels.