The label Tib Prod. Has released a avery good series of 3" CDs. They have sent us several, hich shows the musical diversity this label offers. One of the bands/projects released by Tib Prod. is Sound 00. The person behind Sound 00 is Toni Dimitrov, who is into micronoise. The music created by Toni Dimitrov fitts the name of his project as well as the title of this output very well. During 11 short tracks this Macedonian musician shows he is capable of producing a wide range of sonic explorations. It's amazing what he does with crackles, static noise and hiss. The minimal work is sometimes rhythmic and can be considered sine wave-like at other moments. An excellent 3" CD reminding of early Kim Cascone or Alexander St. Onge.

The man behind Sound 00, is also the same one as the person behind Every Kid On Speed or Every Kid On Acid, but for his monniker Sound 00, he operates in the corners of 'micronoise'. Playing around with clicks and cuts fed through to a line of distortion - and I mean the plug in, not the pedal - the result is only mildly interesting. Maybe the idea of creating noise with digital means is a nice one, but the result however is not very strong. The ideas behind the short tracks (eleven in total) are too minimal to keep the full attention even for their short time span. I think this could be done better.
Frans de Waard, Vital Weekly