More from Maurizio Bianchi then, and it adds to the confusion, I must admit. Last week I reviewed a new album from his on Tourette Records, this week something new/old is presented under the banner of Sacher-Pelz, which was in fact the name Bianchi used before releasing works as M.B. or Maurizio Bianchi. I double checked with Tib Prod, and they don't know either if this is new work or perhaps reworking of old material, or in fact, genuine old material. Maybe you don't care - maybe we shouldn't. After all that sort of information is perhaps only of interest for the die hard fans who collect just old Bianchi records as an investment, and not from a point of view of musical quality. I vaguely remember the old Sacher-Pelz material, and strongly the old Bianchi material, and I couldn't honestly say wether this is old or new. It sounds like great Sacher-Pelz material. Four very minimal tracks of very densely knitted electronic sounds. Or dense radio waves. Or dense layers of electricalcharges. I don't know either. It seems to me that this material isn't from the old days, but it takes the esthetic of the old days into the modern world of computers. Disturbing beauty. Science fiction music for those films in which the world dies and aliens take over. Excellent music.Perhaps along similar lines is the release by Jan-M. Iversen and the for me unknown Abhorent Beauty, who seems to be also from Norway. I'm not sure if the title is to be taken in a literal way, i.e. wether these are outdoor activities captured and processed by electronic means, but somehow I wouldn't be surprised to know if it is. Its music without a real start, nor a real ending, but somehow just one long string of sounds. Abstract sounds that is, we aren't to know what is going on here. Which is fine of course. It turns the music into quite an abstract form of ambient drone music - more experimental than it usually is. The second part of the title track dies out over a long time, which perhaps is nice, but its also a bit too long. It could have been ten minutes shorter, but with a similar ending. That aside the four pieces here are actually highly enjoyable and make a great background music or environmental piece - inside or outside. (FdW) Review by Frans de Waard, Vital Weekly

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