'Gheye', which is 'red' in Amharic (one of the languages of Ethiopia) is a collection of songs that were/are available through download. Here Iversen continues his love for ambient related material but mainly through shorter songs (the thirty four minute epos 'Psycholympics' not counting as a short one of course). Synthesized sounds play an important role, every time making the backbone of a track. On top Iversen adds various layers of rhythmical sounds, sometimes buried inside the drones and sometimes they appear more upfront. In general Iversen's music is dark of nature, but carrying an intense atmosphere. For those who are too lazy to download (and yes, I'm one of them). Frans de Waard, Vital Weekly.

A new cdr release from Norway-based soundmaker Jan-M. Iversen, owner of TIB Prod. and also active as Origami Klassika/Minimalistika/Maximalistika and Koff Koff... Cool red cover art and a mishmash of free-form glitchy digital frequencies & drones, electro-noise ("94"), dark ambient minimalism ("Stimulanse I Storm Og Stille 21" and "Stimulanse I Storm Og Stille 7"), quasi-cosmic synths ("Psycholimpics 3")... Some moments are good, but most of it is, in my humble opinion, too gratuitous, too out of focus to stand a concentrated listening. "Tomb Chill Stimuli", with its disquieting field recordings manipulation and a distant drone, stands above the rest. Chain D.L.K.