In Vital Weekly 379 I reviewed a CDR by Iversen in collaboration with Dangereux. Now it becomes a bit more clear: Iversen put some sounds on his website for other people freely to remix and Dangereux made a some remixes, which were in return remixed by Iversen. But Jan Iversen received also other remixes and this has led to 'Reconstruct 1', a compilation of remixes by various artists, many of which are connected to the Tib Prod label or known from various MP3 sites around the world. In this world they take the Iversen sounds and in general they make them more rhythmical. Working with loops of sound is apperentely popular when it comes to doing a remix, with of course some exceptions, like the track by Cadmium Dunkel (who have a set of sounds on Tib Prod for a new remix project). Other acts included are Staplerfahrer, Every Kid On Speed, Swamps Up Nostrils, Andre Borgen, Chefkirk, Jake Eliot, Sound_OO, Rupert Hype and of course Guignol Dangereux. Quite a nice but maybe too lenghty collection. Frans de Waard, Vital Weekly.