Deze Cd is op 12 december 2002 live opgenomen. Er spelen 15 Noorse muzikanten mee. En ik kan er heel kort over zijn dit is gewoon teringherie. (of je moet houden van het geluid van zeven circelzagen een loeiende stofzuiger en zeven overstuurde gitaren door elkaar en zonder zang) Dan is dit wel je Cd. Surf voor meer info naar. Noren Horen

What else can you expect from a noise orchestra then noise? The Norwegian Noise Orchestra exists of a varying line up, but on this live recording, made at Betong (whereever that may be), there are fifteen players. Many names I didn't hear of before, but also including Sindre Andersen, Andreas Meland and Ole H. Melby. The whole hour that this recording lasts is filled with noise in the best Merzbowian tradition. Loud, noisy, aggressive and like a bath of sound to get drowned in. A nice work of the more intellegent noise. Only one thing crossed my mind: why are fifteen players needed for something that can also be done by one person? Maybe that is where a bit of my disappointment comes from. What could be the real oppurtunities for fifteen people doing noise if they would operate from fifteen personal views? Frans de Waard, Vital Weekly Catalogue