Swamps Up Nostrils is an everevolving musical entity originally from Trondheim, Norway. Usually 1-3 persons are trying to put togheter sounds in various ways in the hope that it might resemble something of musical interrest in the end. What direction this making of music takes, is always an open question(open questions is always the most fun), but usually (at this time in pre-death) involves tweaking of melodic elements accompanied by beats (from the "conventional" kind to the more abstract) and noise (but then again, this might not ring true at all for previous/future endeavours). Anyway, symbiotic relations with electronic music-making equipment is generally what Swamps Up Nostrils is mostly about, I think, so this will maybe always influence the ethereal flavour of our soundscapes(it's up to you yerself to decide if this is good or bad). Feedback is always welcome, so please tell if you loved/hated the stuff.

MP3's with TIBProd.

Digital Spine Flush 1
1 Psyclay
2 Vokal Fnord 1
3 Fatiguez Must Go
4 Constipated Conspiracy
5 Vokal Fnord 2
6 Blurred Distinctions
7 Husflue
8 Reticence

Uh-Oh TIB's Canceremix
FaCaInGlOpRe (With Karyon)
The Mind Is A Wonderful Thing To Blow
A Trip To An Alien Forest Of Some Sort
Elementary Particle Man

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Picture by Simen Myrbostad