MP3-Single 114:
Cadmium Dunkel - Ali G. A. Tore (Synthphonie 1, part 6)

Ali G. A. Tore

Cadmium Dunkel

MP3-Single 113:
Cadmium Dunkel - Hildegunn (Synthphonie 1, part 5)


Cadmium Dunkel

MP3-Single 112:
Cadmium Dunkel - Aura Speculum (Synthphonie 1, part 4)

Aura Speculum

Cadmium Dunkel

MP3-Single 111:
Cadmium Dunkel - Concentio Piscosos (Synthphonie 1, part 3)

Concentio Piscosos

Cadmium Dunkel

MP3-Single 110:
Cadmium Dunkel - Nebula Speculum (Synthphonie 1, part 2)

Nebula Speculum

Cadmium Dunkel

MP3-Single 109:
Cadmium Dunkel - Beyond The Marjuana Gap (Synthphonie 1, part 1)

Beyond The Marjuana Gap

Cadmium Dunkel

MP3-Single 108a: Tarfield - Mechafungie
MP3-Single 108b: Tarfield - Something Awaits

MP3-Single 107: Big Robot - Heute Schnee
Heute Schnee
The Wheel

Art, front
Art, back
Art, cd

Recorded & mixed at Urban Sound Studios, Oslo, 2009

Performed by:
Per Sjoberg, Ollis Christensen, Joakim Langeland, Kjetil Manheim & Sanna Saarinen

Big Robot MySpace

MP3-Single 106: Balder - Elpida 2
Elpida 2

Balder, the Norwegian god of beauty, art and justice, the Sun itself, was killed. He was dreaming his death a long time before, so his mother, the godess Frigg, got everything in the nine worlds to promise that none would harm the god. But she forget one little plant, the mistletoe. Loke killed the god with this plant. But again, Balder could come back to life if everything in the worlds would grieve for his death. But the jealous god, Loke, would not grieve. Balder was killed twice... but a promise for his comeback lays hidden.....

Balder is:
Jannis Balder Makam (Jannis Karapoulios)
Jrjia Balder Makam (Georgia Matziri)
Inger Merete Balder Lydhood (Inger Merete Vereide)
Roar Balder Lydhood(Roar Borge)

MP3-Single 105: Fisk P Disk - EP
Toget Til Togets Ende
Me Hoisa Med Hoisa
Ignatsius Fredrikson

More Fisk P Disk HERE.

MP3-Single 104: Dead Black Arms - Broken Silver Ikons



MP3-Single 103: Fisk P Disk - Mais Oui
Mais Oui

More Fisk P Disk HERE.

MP3-Single 102: Cockasains - Topless Hole, Bottomless Pit
Topless Hole, Bottomless Pit

Cover Art
Tracklisting Art

Topless Hole, Bottomless Pit Complete ZIP

MP3-Single 101: Hourglass Drops - Adrenaline Sleep
Adrenaline State
Sleep State

Cover, Front
Cover, Back

Hourglass Drops WEB

MP3-Single 100: Emma Luce & Christian Di Vito - Piano Works

MP3-Single 99: Gholar Fix - MP3 EP
Intro to track 2
Chinese Rose
Tin Ton Tanny


Gholar Fix

MP3-Single 98: The Pony Gropers - Tight Name

910 Noise

MP3-Single 97: Untitled Charisma - Dharma Rot
Contemporary Art Is Confusing
Free Time Exorcism
Pigs With Camera
Dead Tongue


Untitled Charisma WEB

MP3-Single 96a: Terje Paulsen - xi0607
MP3-Single 96b: Terje Paulsen - KINA

Terje Paulsen WEB

MP3-Single 95a: Terje Paulsen - NEW4
MP3-Single 95b: Terje Paulsen - 1mai trj

Terje Paulsen WEB

MP3-Single 94: K. Saunders - Living Without Your Love Volume 2
FD&C Green #3
FD&C Green #4
FD&C Green #5
FD&C Green #6



K. Saunders says,
"When I told my friends that I would be attending lunch, they assumed that I would be attending lunch with them, while I meant something different altogether. They were quite disturbed."

MP3-Single 93: Koff Koff - The Quality Of Life
Original Version

Both tracks taken from the new album: The Quality Of Life, available now from The Shop.

Koff Koff

MP3-Single 92: Royce Icon - Blind Love
Blind Love 1
Blind Love 2
Blind Love 3
Blind Love 4


The Home of Royce Icon

MP3-Single 91: Fisk P Disc - Dynamitt 2

Fisk P Disc

MP3-Single 90: Xedh - Somos Buena Gente
Somos Buena Gente
Somos Buena Gente, Plagasul RMX
Somos Buena Gente, Loty Negarti RMX
Somos Buena Gente, Tsri RMX




original track composed by miguel a. garca
photography by raul dominguez
cover by oier iruretagoiena "tsri"


MP3-Single 89: Mil.Org. - 3 tracks from 'Administrative' (TIBCD07)
Motherwell And Wishaw
TV2 Slash Burning
The Police Video


MP3-Single 88: K. Saunders - Living Without Your Love
FD&C Green #1
FD&C Green #2
FD&C Red #2



MP3-Single 87: Carl Kruger - Picnic Music


MP3-Single 86a: Mikka's Hell - Sobredosis de Sueos (Extasis)
MP3-Single 86b: Mikka's Hell - Volcan Solar

Mikka's Hell, website

MP3-Single 85a: K. Saunders - 273#11
MP3-Single 85b: K. Saunders - Detox (Take 7)


MP3-Single 84a: Megatone - Pure Land
MP3-Single 84b: Megatone - Tree Of Life

"Pure Land"
Track "Pure Land" is inspired from a sanskrit text related to Mahayana Buddhism which describes a celestial paradise named Sukhavati. In this paradise everything is made of precious stones and metals in thousands of colours, gold, silver, beryl, crystal, coral, red pearls and emerald. There are flowers in thousands of odours. There is the sound of birds singing, Indian bells, the sound of river water flowing. Everyone who arrives in this place becomes instantly illuminated.

"Tree Of Life"
Track "Tree Of Life" combines the images of Asvattha - the Tree of Transmigration from Bhagavad Gita, the Tree of Life from the Apocalypse, and the shamanic concept of axis of the world.

Both tracks taken from the unreleased album '19 Doors'.

MP3-Single 83a: Bjerga/Iversen - Brads Pit
MP3-Single 83b: Bjerga/Iversen - Wave


MP3-Single 82a: Hebronix - Harmonium
MP3-Single 82b: Hebronix - I Tried To Love You Once

MP3-Single 81: Cadmium Dunkel - Trenody for the victims of religion, part 1

Cadmium Dunkel

MP3-Single 80a: Bodycoctail - Mirror Clear
MP3-Single 80b: Bodycoctail - Restless Caressless

From the amazing archives of zh27

MP3-Single 79: The Domestic Front - Dissipation 24:24
Dissipation 24:24, the track
Dissipation 24:24, the info

The Domestic Front bio:
Thomas Bailey a.k.a. (Thom Kurotenshi, Thom Transparent and numerous others) is the sonic engineer behind The Domestic Front. This is a sound project whose name takes into consideration the ongoing de-centralization of EVERYTHING, and the possibility of making one's 'home' in the immaterial world of sound rather than in any fixed geographic location. Since the dawn of the 21st century, The Domestic Front has aimed to massage pure electricity into the flesh of its listeners, in a way that may seem uncomfortable at first but eventually gives way to a pleasing afterglow. Thomas is currently working on a full-length book about "micro-bionic" music (a style which describes The Domestic Front as well as many new electronic luminaries), composing the TDF swan song ("Having Achieved Balance, You Cannot Move Sideways, So You Rise") and living in an unspecified wooded area after having a mental collapse in Tokyo last year.

Dissipation 24:24 was for an outdoor sound exhibition 'sound canopy', in which there were speakers set up on a very busy sidewalk of Chicago playing this music.

MP3-Single 78: Carlos Saladn - Untitled Collaborative Tracks, vol 1
a: 01 (Intro)
b: 02 (Riveted With Sharza Harza)
c: 03 (Obliterated With Swamps Up Nostrils)
d: 04 (Rapport With Resin)
Zip Complete

"the presented tracks were visualized between september and december of the year 2005, despite all you can listen, their denouement came between february and march of the year 2006. I met these three awe-inspiring and dynamite artists thru the infinite sector project collective, both resin and swamps up nostrils have previous releases at tibprod.com"

MP3-Single 77a: Iversen - Vistehls Drm Element 2
MP3-Single 77b: Iversen - Vistehls Drm Element 3
MP3-Single 77c: Iversen - Vistehls Drm Element 4

Three elements from the creation of 'Vistehls Drm', a 30+ track, still unreleased, though a short mix of it may be downloaded from Desetxea


MP3-Single 76a: TIB - Trapped In Rom (Iversens Hypnotic Remix)
MP3-Single 76b: TIB - Trapped In Rom (Original '96-version)


MP3-Single 75a: Deadwood - Blocked Shotty
MP3-Single 75b: Deadwood - Grandfather Rights

TIBCD56: Trial And Terror
Deadwood @ Dirtydemos
Deadwood @ myspace

MP3-Single 74a: Josh Brown + Carl Kruger - Question
MP3-Single 74b: Josh Brown + Carl Kruger - Answer

Brown/Kruger Artwork
Carl Kruger
MP3-Single 73a: Cadmium Dunkel - Pianostykke 2
MP3-Single 73b: Scullfaced Moon - Konstant 5

Cadmium Dunkel
Scullfaced Moon
MP3-Single 72: Staplerfahrer - Canzoni Senza Casa
a: To Excell
b: Fullin



MP3-Single 71a: Iversen - Slowly On
MP3-Single 71b: Iversen - Slowly Off

MP3-Single 70: Sound_00 - Sound 04
a: Krrrrrrrrrrr
b: Pppppppppp

Front JPG, Back JPG

Acid Fake

MP3-Single 69: Moscas Nekrasov - Martina 4
a: Plexo Concavo
b: Plexo Libido
Cover, design by Mars: Moscas Nekrasov - Martina 4 Cover


MP3-Single 68a: Thomas Aslaksen - I Will Make You Dance
MP3-Single 68b: Thomas Aslaksen - Wire

Demented Mornings

MP3-Single 67a: Tsri - Gavbeh
MP3-Single 67b: Tsri - Gudarosteak

Gavbeh/Gudarostead Infopage
Tsri Homepage

MP3-Single 66: Mono-Drone - Back-Up Of You Love

MP3-Single 65: Helmeticrononaut - Colon

The Helmeticron Homepage
MP3-Single 64a: Koff Koff - Marqus de Cceres
MP3-Single 64b: Koff Koff - Peccata Mundi

Koff Koff
MP3-Single 63: Chefkirk - MEGAmix

MP3-Single 62a: Omnid - Telephone Dream Girl
MP3-Single 62b: Makinoize - Fruiboize

Omnid, Makinoize
MP3-Single 61a: Origami Neuborgspouters & The Neuborg Singers - Destroyed And Halfblinded
MP3-Single 61b: Origami Magika - Mars 04

Origami Neuborgspouters, Origami Magika
MP3-Single 60a: Origami Tacet - Beckett Suite Live, A
MP3-Single 60b: Origami Tacet - Beckett Suite Live, B

Origami Tacet
MP3-Single 59a: Monoid - Everyday
MP3-Single 59b: Monoid - EVIL

go.to/monoid, Monoid at TIBProd.
MP3-Single 58a: Larva - 61
MP3-Single 58b: Larva - 62

MP3-Single 57a: Tzesne - La Franja
MP3-Single 57b: Tzesne - Dulce Artefacto
MP3-Single 57c: Tzesne - Song 138

Tzesne / seriesnegras
MP3-Single 56a: Carl Kruger - N'Cass
MP3-Single 56b: Carl Kruger - N'Cass Edit

Carl Kruger
MP3-Single 55a: Chefkirk - Digimama (Now Un-released)
MP3-Single 55b: Chefkirk - Digipapa (Now Un-released)

MP3-Single 54: Aleph - 'Bardzo Male Dzwieki' ('Very Small Sounds')
(For Aleksandra)
1 Myslenie (Thinking)
2 Szukanie (Searching)
3 Znajdowanie (Finding)
4 Ogladanie (Watching)
5 Gubienie (Loosing)

MP3-Single 53a: Zenial - Pustka
MP3-Single 53b: Zenial - Sunset (Long)

Vivo Records, Simple Logic Records
MP3-Single 52a: Stop - Norge 1
MP3-Single 52b: Stop - Norge 2

Simple Logic Records
MP3-Single 51: Muezinn/Aleph - Untitled

Muezinn website, Aleph website
MP3-Single 50a: Iversen - Restaurant Ha Ha
MP3-Single 50b: Iversen - Con-Troll

MP3-Single 49a: Chefkirk - Evolution Of Land Animals (Now Un-released)
MP3-Single 49b: Chefkirk - Trenbolone Acetate (Now Un-released)

MP3-Single 48a: Iversen - 11032004P1
MP3-Single 48b: Iversen - 11032004P2

MP3-Single 47: Cadmium Dunkel - Underbart, Live In Threschowia

1998 Live-recording, line-up at the time; Roar Borge w/Jon Horntvet (guitar) and Inger Merete Vereide (synth/sampler). Cadmium Dunkel
MP3-Single 46a: Mil.Org./Iversen - Dust Eater
MP3-Single 46b: Mil.Org./Iversen - Kitchen Sinking

MP3-Single 45a: Origami Minimalistika - x02
MP3-Single 45b: Origami Minimalistika - x05

2 tracks from the 'x12' cdr, available now from The Shop.
Origami Minimalistika
MP3-Single 44: Jan Van Den Dobbelsteen - Real Live

Jan Van Den Dobbelsteen
MP3-Single 43a: Christian Di Vito - 01 Myth n2
MP3-Single 43b: Christian Di Vito - 02 Myth n1

Christian Di Vito
MP3-Single 42a: Guignol Dangereux - Lydia Lunch Tribute Part 1
MP3-Single 42b: Guignol Dangereux - Lydia Lunch Tribute Part 2

Guignol Dangereux
MP3-Single 41a: Mike Shiflet - The Future Of Everything
MP3-Single 41b: Mike Shiflet - All Future Must Pass Through The Present

Gameboy Records
MP3-Single 40a: Andr Hardang Borgen - Multi-Bicycle Riding
MP3-Single 40b: Andr Hardang Borgen - Tandemsykkel

MP3-Single 39a: Staplerfahrer - Crenon Reverse
MP3-Single 39b: Staplerfahrer - Jacklyn Has A Crush On You

MP3-Single 38a: Chefkirk - 1 In 5000 (Now Un-released)
MP3-Single 38b: Chefkirk - Consumption Up 7 Percent (Now Un-released)

MP3-Single 37a: Christian Di Vito - Serigrafia 1 (Navy Canvas)
MP3-Single 37b: Christian Di Vito - Serigrafia 2 (Iron Powder & Glass)

Christian Di Vito
MP3-Single 36a: Ivan Bachev - Nie
MP3-Single 36b: Ivan Bachev - People

"With these two examples I would like to present two approaches to plunderphony - respect and sarcasm". The tracks are made with "EI" - Ivan Bachev
MP3-Single 35a: Autistici - Counting Sleep
MP3-Single 35b: Autistici - Whispering Mongo Man

Visit Autistici's own website or check out Audiobulb.
MP3-Single 34a: Cyclotimia - Same Time
MP3-Single 34b: Cyclotimia - Same Place

Taken from the 'Same Time Same Place' 10" Vinyl on Bladerecords, 2002.
For more, see Cyclotimia or Monopoly Records.
MP3-Single 33a: Iranon - March 85
MP3-Single 33b: Iranon - Salt In The Throat

See Polardroid for more.
MP3-Single 32a: Lasse Marhaug - Bomb Nothing
MP3-Single 32b: Lasse Marhaug - Headphone Boxing

Recorded in Paris, 2003. Visit the Lasse Marhaug website for more.
MP3-Single 31a: Bombhead & Iversen - Freedom Op Sound 1
MP3-Single 31b: Bombhead & Iversen - Freedom Op Sound 2

Bombhead Website
MP3-Single 30a: Swamps Up Nostrils - Uh-Oh
MP3-Single 30b: Swamps Up Nostrils - Uh-Oh TIB's Canceremix

Swamps Up Nostrils
MP3-Single 29a: TIB - Moderate Stimulation feat S. T. Agnew
MP3-Single 29b: TIB - So Many So Few feat W. Churchill

MP3-Single 28a: Hanhisuanto - Underwater Species 2
MP3-Single 28b: Hanhisuanto - Underwater Species 5

More from Hanhisuanto here or here.
MP3-Single 27a: Iversen - Klikk Hopp Elektronikkmiks
MP3-Single 27b: Iversen - Sty Og Forstyrrelser

MP3-Single 26a: Mil.Org. / Iversen - Reconstruction 2, 20 Seconds Over Tokyo I
MP3-Single 26b: Mil.Org. / Iversen - Reconstruction 3, Slow Masses

2 tracks from the coming cd '20 Seconds Over Tokyo - Reconstructions'.
MP3-Single 25a: Guignol Dangereux - Dirty 1 (Techno Headlessness While Producing Noises)
MP3-Single 25b: Guignol Dangereux - Dirty 2 (Psychomatic)

Guignol Dangereux
MP3-Single 24a: Staplerfahrer - Digitry
MP3-Single 24b: Staplerfahrer - On The Beach

MP3-Single 23a: Russian Computer Club - Watching You
MP3-Single 23b: Russian Computer Club - Computer Aided Music

Russian Computer Club
MP3-Single 22a: Chefkirk - Pipkins (Now Un-released)
MP3-Single 22b: Chefkirk - PS3/GRGLPOP (Now Un-released)

MP3-Single 21a: Origami Klassika - Nonak
MP3-Single 21b: Origami Klassika - Buggin' For Hum 2 Alternativ

Origami Republika
MP3-Single 20a: Illusion Of Safety - Rotterdam 42.7.01 (21-27)
MP3-Single 20b: Illusion Of Safety - Rotterdam 42.7.01 (28-36)

Illusion of Safety is out with a new CD: Time Remaining on ossosNossos.
It is available from The Shop.
MP3-Single 19a: 400 Lonely Things - Nozone
MP3-Single 19b: 400 Lonely Things - Catching Falling Stars

From the 400 Lonely Things LP, available from The Shop. 400 Lonely Things
MP3-Single 18a: Karlheinz Stockhausen - Friday Temptation (Tone Scene 1)
MP3-Single 18b: Karlheinz Stockhausen - Two Couples (Beginning)
MP3-Single 18c: Karlheinz Stockhausen - Kontakte 1959-69 (Structure VII)
MP3-Single 18d: Karlheinz Stockhausen - Mixtur 1964 (Pizz)

Visit the Stockhausen website for more. MP3's with kind permission from the Stockhausen Verlag.
MP3-Single 17a: Swamps Up Nostrils & Karyon - FaCaInGlOpRe
MP3-Single 17b: Swamps Up Nostrils - The Mind Is A Wonderful Thing To Blow

See Swamps Up Nostrils for more.
MP3-Single 16a: Kredi Dubi - Religion Is War Taster 1
MP3-Single 16b: Kredi Dubi - Religion Is War Taster 2

See Kredi Dubi for more.
MP3-Single 15a: Bjerga / Gjerde - For Absurd 6a
MP3-Single 15b: Bjerga / Gjerde - For Absurd 6b

See Humbug Rec. and Gold Soundz for more.
MP3-Single 14a: Chefkirk - Bathroom (Now Un-released)
MP3-Single 14b: Chefkirk - Bass Player In Knife Fight (Now Un-released

See Chefkirk for more.
MP3-Single 13a: Guignol - Sweet Heart BMW 1 (Trieste-Berlin)
MP3-Single 13b: Guignol - Sweet Heart BMW 2 (Berlin-Rotterdam)
MP3-Single 13c: Jan-M. Iversen - RMBXTRA 01
MP3-Single 13d: Jan-M. Iversen - RMBXTRA 02

4 tracks to promote Dangereux & Iversen's new cd: Dangereux vs Iversen - Reconstructing Mechanical Bacteria, TIBCD01
MP3-Single 12a: TIB - Noodlevendor (RCON Remix)
MP3-Single 12b: TIB - Derricks Little Cat (RCON Remix)

Aune / Iversen, where TIBProd started ... see TIB for more.
MP3-Single 11a: Paolo Veneziani - SEA - DNTST
MP3-Single 11b: Paolo Veneziani - SEA - AW

Paolo Veneziani
MP3-Single 10a: Jan-M. Iversen - The Book Taster Remix
MP3-Single 10b: Jan-M. Iversen - The Book Taster 2.mp3

Jan-M. Iversen
MP3-Single 09a: Swamps Up Nostrils - A Trip To An Alien Forest Of Some Sort
MP3-Single 09b: Swamps Up Nostrils - Elementary Particle Man

Swamps Up Nostrils
MP3-Single 08a: Carl Kruger - Dear Autumn Endless
MP3-Single 08b: Carl Kruger - The Scary Shuffle

Carl Kruger
MP3-Single 07a: Obscure Tapestries - 1 First Stage
MP3-Single 07b: Obscure Tapestries - 2 Second Stage
MP3-Single 07c: Obscure Tapestries - 3 Third Stage

Obscure Tapestries Licensed to TIBProd. for MP3-only distribution. Originally released as a 3 track cassette, limited to 15 copies, by Addictive Pharma Muzak in 1998.
MP3-Single 06a: Guignol Dangereux - Class Z 1, The Lonesome Cowboy
MP3-Single 06b: Guignol Dangereux - Class Z 2, Scotch Whisky

More from: Guignol Dangereux
MP3-Single 05a: Tore H. Be by A179 - Repro Motion Taster 1
MP3-Single 05b: Tore H. Be by A179 - Repro Motion Taster 2

The full cd-length version of Repro Motion can be found at: M/O/L/D
MP3-Single 04a: Scullfaced Moon - Konstant 1
MP3-Single 04b: Scullfaced Moon - Konstant 2
MP3-Single 03a: Koff Koff - Koff-eeli
MP3-Single 03b: Koff Koff - Koff-eeli Strekk
MP3-Single 02a: Origami Replika - KA/Skaderemix A
MP3-Single 02b: Origami Replika - KA/Skaderemix B

A179 Remix. Link: Origami Replika
MP3-Single 01a: Jan-M. Iversen - Psycholympics Taster 1
MP3-Single 01b: Jan-M. Iversen - Psycholympics Taster 2