Reconstruct I

TIBCD05 features Staplerfahrer, Every Kid On Speed, Swamps Up Nostrils, André Borgen, Chefkirk, Cadmium Dunkel, Jake Elliot, Sound 00, Guignol Dangereux & Rupert Hype doing remixes based on the material submitted by Iversen for the Reconstruct I project.

In addition to this cd, Mil.Org. submitted material of such length and quality that it will be released as a cd of it's own, 20 Seconds Over Tokyo (tibcd13). 2 tracks from that cd can be heard in the MP3 Singles-section.

Also tibcd01, Dangereux vs Iversen - Reconstructing Mechanical Bacteria grew from this project so hopefully the Reconstruct II-project will prove to be just as successfull.

The cd can be ordered via The Shop.

Thanks also to Paolo Veneziani for once again creating a fantastic cover.