Part of Me:Apparatus

Part of Me:Apparatus first appeared a little over a year ago after pounding the bass in too many bands to name, I become a lone entity My interest in experimental electronic music stems from my love of 20th century classical music from Stravinsky and Cage to Maxfield and Glass

Please have a listen to my tracks and tell me what you think at sushi1eater@yahoo.com

Transparent Thoughts
Synapse Mapping
Insect Dreams
Noise when i look at you
Far Thru
Universal Access

I have contributed to these compilations:

Quotidian Assemblages International Compilation Series Volume Two and USA/USB computer based sound works by American sound artists As well as many microsound.org projects

A Vital Weekly Review for Quotidian Assemblages International Compilation Series Volume Two

QUOTIDIAN ASSEMBLAGES VOLUME TWO (CDR by Haltapes) Following hot on the heels of Volume 1, there is now a second volume of Quotidian Assemblages, a compilation based on 'ordinary everyday sounds'. Many of these pieces are about 'sticking a microphone outside the window, picking up the signal' or in some other cases the plain recording of machines, such as the pieces by Copper Kung or Mac Of Bionight. This makes this series into more a mail-art music project than a pure musical thing. More so than the first volume, this contains music from people I never heard of such as Planetaldol, Binter Timbre, Part Of Me(Apparatus), The Serota Tendency, Dave Fuglewicz. In fact I just recognized the names of XV Paworek, Gintas K and Fever Spoor. Like with the first volume, I think the pieces that actually do something with the sound are the more interesting ones, such as Part Of Me(Apparatus) or Bruce Beverlin II. This 'Quotidian Assemblages' grows into a nice series. And be sure: many more to come.(FdW)