TIBProd. ITALY is updated with a new Remix-contest and various new MP3's. Head over and have a go/look/listen.
While here at the Norway HQ the following new releases is out: N.Strahl.N - 'Grauer Raum/Blaue Stille', cdr in Jakebox.
SHG - 'March Rain', 3" cdr in tapelike box.
Electrique Norwegique - 'MIR 07DES08', cdr.
Adults With Chicks - 'Aptenodytes Foresteri', 2 x 3" cdr in display-jewel.
Hourglass Drops - 'Kingdom Of Broken Dreams', cdr in jakebox.

All available by emailing TIBProd, but soon also at LOOOP.

Bjerga/Iversen is now booking for Italy: 25 of June to 3 of July. Get in touch through their myspace if you have something interesting to offer.

TIBProd. ITALY is now officially launched. It kicks off with no less than 8 mp3-albums for you. Go check it out!

Here at the TIBProd. main station we're happy to announce a whole bunch of new releases, both cdr and mp3.
Reconstruct IV, Maurizio Bianchi remixed.
Lydhode - 'Audiocaput, Live at MIR' .
Stillstand - 'Biotek'.
Maskinanlegg vs Solveig Kjelstrup - 'Solveigs Lied'.
Torstein Wjiik - 'Mogleg' (3").

..and one MP3-Album
from: the SunCd-Project, live at Sound Of Mu.

You can get them directly from us, check THE SHOP. Also, there will be some additional distro through Looop and Monopole and some titles are also sold digitally, through Planet Origo and Equal Dreams.

One MP3-Single with this little update, a three-tracker by Dead Black Arms. But lots of good stuff on its way; Adults With Chicks, Lydhode, Reconstruct IV; Maurizio Bianchi Remixed Vol. 1, Stillstand, Hourglass Drops, SHG, Torstein Wjiik, SunCD, Maskinanlegg vs Solveig Kjelstrup.. stay tuned. As for now, enjoy Dead Black Arms.

New Jan-M. Iversen-CD, 'Articulating Ideas' out now!
New Jan-M. Iversen mp3-album, 'Modul 2' out now, available from Planet Origo as download only.
TIBProd. is now distributed by LOOOP and in some cases Planet Origo. The titles from the updated SHOP and SALE-pages are now the only ones available directly from TIBProd.
With this update comes also two new MP3-Singles, from Fisk På Disk og Cockasains.

Would you like to run a TIBProd. sub-label? Or/And help with webupdates? Get in touch..

TIBProd. joined forces with Gold Soundz, Ambolthue, Phantom Limb Rec. and Carbon Rec. to co-release the new Bjerga/Iversen cd. Officially announced at Rogaland Kunstsenter 14th of November 2008.

The new TIBProd. studio and office is now more or less set up and it's time to start catching up on things.
With this update comes the announcement of the new 3" November X by Terje Paulsen.
"..a fascinating trip through rumble and debris, a small captivating journey through the dust bin from the upcoming man from Nor-noise land.." (Frans de Waard, Vital Weekly)
As for now you can get it from The Shop but it will soon also be availble from Looop as well.)

With this update; one MP3-single, from Hourglass Drops. Enjoy. Another update on its way but due to the tibprod-studio/office moving to a new and better location, things are a bit hectic at the moment. So there might be another week or so before the next one.. which should bring news on the new Terje Paulsen 3" and possibly the new Bjerga/Iversen cd. Stay tuned.

TIBProd. can finally announce that Eruption, the 4th and final part of Danny Kreutzfeldts Rupture-series, is out!

..and we end July by putting up another two MP3-Albums, from Mystified and Bas van Huizen. Enjoy! (Oh, and due to holiday the tibprod-"office" will be closed and mails might not be answered until around august 16th.)

1 new MP3-Album today. Origami All-Stars! (Also, the recent Origami Republika/related mp3-releases has now been made available with covers..)

4 new MP3-Albums released today. Happy to announce: .at/on, C.A. Sinclair, the Wrakotka-project from Dembosz, Ossowski, Lichota, Joniec and Tkacz. And also Bram Stadhouders second mp3album with TIBProd. Enjoy.

No less than 4 cdr-releases announced with this update! First, there is the full-lenght debut of Electrique Norwegique; Synth-ethic Summer. This release is limited and will only be available at their debut gig at Sound Of Mu, June 23.

Second release is the album 'Fjordgap' by Lydhode. (Releaseparty at Spasibar, see below.) Soundsamples available from their myspace-page, Lydhode

Third; TheBy! This album features Roar Borge, Terje Paulsen, Kjetil Hansen, Jan-Morten Iversen & Willy Kopperud and is an album based on field-recordings from Oslo.

The last album to be announced is also limited. Critical Mess #1 features Nils Rostad, Sindre Bjerga, Pål Asle Pettersen, HOH, Jan-M. Iversen, Anders Gjerde and Bjerga/Iversen and was released for (and given away at) the concert-series Critical Mess.

Other news:
In addition to the dates shown on the tourposter Bjerga/Iversen will also feature in Bodø on the 14 of June, at the Nødutgangfestival (Emergency Festival)

Lydhode (this time featuring Roar Borge, Kjetil Hansen, Willy Kopperud and Jan-M. Iversen + Terje Paulsen pre-recorded) will do their debut-gig at Spasibar on the 25 of June. AND; on that night there will also be a Sindre Bjerga solo-set.

With this update comes 2 new New MP3-Albums, first we have volume four in the collaboration-series of Mixturizer, Taiko Oroshi & Kenji Siratori, the second being a one-track album from Bram Stadhouders. Else; several new cdr-releases is more or less ready and should be announced soon. Also, check out TIBProd's MySpace-site for details on upcoming Bjerga/Iversen, Lydhode & Electrique Norwegique-gigs.

May 1st again, meaning: time for another volume of the ODRZ06-project Part VIII is out.
Get it from The Shop, (soon availble from Looop as well.)

"Musical rendering (industrial noise) of a day in a factory. The work symbolises the whole working day (in Italy 8 working hours and 1 lunch break hour) and it is made up of 9 parts, which will be published at maturity on a fixed day, May 1st of next years. Factory engines and surroundings have been sampled during working time; afterwards they have been altered. The samples will be used in all the work." ODRZ

The TIBProd. shop/distribution will soon be handled by LOOOP. To prepare for this we need to have a little sale, check out the sales-list


Massive mp3-upload with this update. New MP3-Albums from Lydhode (Borge, Paulsen, Iversen), Skema, Origami Ios and also 2 Origami Republika-compilations. The MP3-Singles-section if updated with singles/EP's from Gholar Fix and Emma Luce/Christian Di Vito. Enjoy!

One new MP3-Single today, and a new MP3-Album as well: Single from The Pony Gropers and album from Carl Kruger.

Two updates in one month seems to be a rare thing for the TIBProd-web. But, february 08 has been a good month. Proud to announce another 3"-release; TIBCD98, The ODRZ12-project ODRZ.
And; finally we kick of the 4th part of the RECONSTRUCT-project. This time none less than Maurizio Bianchi has submitted 9 tracks for us to download and remix. So, get those files downloaded and submit your remixes. All details here.

Finally; tibcd96 is out: Maurizio Bianchi and Cheapmachines joining forces on their release "Paradoxos". Available from the shop and soon also from LOOOP. Looop will, by the way, be taking over all distribution of tibprod-releases within not too long. Meaning; the TIBProd-shop will soon close and all releases will only be available from the Looop-shop. But before that happens there will be a little 'clear-out-sale'. More on that later. A few new releases has been added to the discography-pages of Iversen and Bjerga/Iversen. Coming soon is ODRZ12, TheBy, Lydhode, Origami Ios plays Kaputte Muziek, Origami Republika-compilations, more Bjerga/Iversen-remixes ++

One new 4-track EP is out, download from THIS page. An EP from Untitled Charisma of the Czech Republic. Also, the mp3-singles from Chefkirk, no 14, 22, 38, 49 and 55 is as of today un-released.

Another new MP3-album from whALe pLAtE. Well, the same album, infact. Only remixed. By Carl Kruger. Enjoy Krugers reworking and check back in here in a few days. Several interesting new albums on its way.

Today sees the release of the new MP3-album from whALe pLAtE. Enjoy.

2 cdr-releases and 1 mp3-single with this update:
The mp3-single again comes from Terje Paulsen
The first cdr-release is a 3" from Monoid called 'Artificial Flavours'. The second is the Bjerga/Iversen Remixcompilation, 'Dissect And Connect', featuring remixes done by HOH, Robert Horton, Dead Wood, Andy Jarvis, Joe+N, Swamps Up Nostrils, Hrönir, Green Kingdom, Prester, Tzesne and Culver.

Another small update, still hard at work on coming releases, more news on those soon. As for now; click on the "mahorka remixes vol. 2"-picture on the left and get yourself over to Mahorka to download the new compilation. Iversen was asked to remix a selection of the Mahorka back-catalogue. The result, 16 remixes, 1 megamix and a bonus ringtone. Artists getting the Iversen-treatment: Xedh, Moscas Nekrasov, Chefkirk, Aneff, Res, 80juan80, Hard Off, Ikipr, Mono-Drone & Iversen, Ivan Bachev, Yourai, Skylined, Carl Kruger, Baba Llaga, Tüsüri, Helmeticrononaut.

Sadly there's not been time to do any updates lately. But, a bigger update is on its way, like within a week or so. Sindre Bjerga, Anders Gjerde and Sten Ove Toft is heading for the UK, see flyer for details. And if in Oslo this coming weekend, get yourself over to the Organ 3-festival w/Jan-M. Iversen, Fredrik Ness Sevendal, HOH, United Bible Studies, Enavomi and lots..

Two new MP3-Singles available as of today: K. Saunders presents 'Living Without Your Love, Volume 2' and Terje Paulsen two tracks of his delicate minimalism.

Two left hands on two right arms, the brilliant swedish netlabel, released today the mp3-album "Støy På Landet, Rehearsal" by Jan-M. Iversen. The cover for the release brilliantly done by Olle Oljud.
TLHOTRA announced it like this:
Jan-M. Iversen have several releases behind him. On this release he outline a preparation for a live performance, a long composition of abstract noise and soft ambiance.
"I Have once read that the surrealism movement tried to establish connections where none before have thought to find them. Listening to "Støy På Landet, Rehearsal." makes me think of that statement once again, but in a another way. This time Jan-M. Iversen destroy connections where everyone takes them for granted. He makes the details important and makes the overlooked and the things forgotten a new and more beautiful significance."
- Markus Åberg

The discography-sections for Chefkirk, Iversen and Bjerga/Iversen is updated with new releases.
Chefkirk's barbarian art is out on DFRP.
'The Shop' is not yet updated with the newest Bjerga/Iversen and Iversen-releases, but copies of all new releases has arrived. So, check out the Bjerga/Iversen-discography and get in touch if you'd like to order any of them.
TIBProd-releases on it's way include Monoid, Maurizio Bianchi & Cheapmachines, N.Strahl.N and the Bjerga/Iversen Remix-album.

July '07 is probably the most productive month in TIBProd-history ever. Another four cdr-releases seeing its release:
-Insects With Tits
-Carl Kruger - Sound Takes II
-Koff Koff - The Quality Of Life
-Iversen/Fischer - Aften Over Landet

There is also one new MP3-Single, 2 tasters from the abovementioned release by Koff Koff.

..and again a few new cdr-releases; Suprastate and Cristovam/Munroz/Barros/Rodrigues. There's also one new MP3-Album, a recording of the set Sindre Bjerga and Thaw did together in Poland earlier this month.

Time for another few cdr-releases, the first from Adrián Juárez and Leandro Barzábal, the second from Lydhode, a Roar Borge/Jan-M. Iversen-collaboration. Roar Borge is also involved in the Cadmium Dunkel MP3-EP, also released today: MP3-Album. More releases on its way, including 3inches from Insects With Tits, Monoid, Carl Kruger.
Some videos from the Støy På Landet-festival is out on youtube, check them out; Iversen/Beatfoundation Orangebox. Guess there might be more videos coming, think there might even be plans of a dvd at some point..

Another 2 MP3-Albums, from Wilder Gonzales Agreda and Fisk På Disk.

Sindre Bjerga & Joe+N just released "slow collapse/building nature". Available from Sindre Bjerga or from Carbon Records. Iversens myspace is updated with a few new videos.

Another new MP3-Album added, a Ryan Lewis & Carl Kruger-collaboration.

One new MP3-Album added, from Juan José Calarco.

Three new MP3-Albums: Franz Fjödor, Origami Traumatika and Jan-M. Iversen. Hope you enjoy! And; the Ambolthue-compilation mentioned below is added to the Shop.

May 1st: ODRZ and TIBProd. continues the tradition; another volume of ODRZ06 is released today, volume VII. And not only that; today also sees the release of TIBCD83; the Staplerfahrer/Sascha Neudeck-spit. And in other news: The Ambolthue-compilation Don't Get Annoyed Get Inspired is out. It will be available from the the tibprod-shop as well as from Ambolthue themselves. The Compilation features soloworks from Sindre Bjerga, Iversen, Origami Galaktika, Kobi, Lasse Marhaug, Staplerfahrer, Ryfylke and several more.

Out now:
Bjerga/Iversen/Madame P - Broken English. Bjerga/Iversen did 4 gigs with Madame P in October '06, in Sheffield, Leeds, Newcastle and Brighton. These recordings are now available on cd from Ambolthue. There should soon be some copies available from the tibprod-shop as well. The Leedsrecording also features Tom Greenwood.
Ambolthue also just released the Cadmium Dunkel/Torstein Wjiik-split 'Victims of Religion'. Recommended!
TIBProd-releases just around the corner from Staplerfahrer/Sascha Neudeck, Insects With Tits and more...

Bigger update soon. As for now; a new MP3 Single from Royce Icon.

Too busy with the upcoming Bjerga/Iversen-tour. No time for big updates. Only thing done today is a few details to Chefkirks pages plus the updated details of where you can catch Bjerga/Iversen during April.

The Shop is updated with the belowmentioned releases, and then some..
Several review and some new releases added to Chefkirks pages.

A long time since last update. A bigger one coming soon. Have spent most of the time since last update recovering files and such, both computers at TIBProd. headquarter crashed. BUT, seems we're finally up and running again. During the next week the website will be updated with new mp3-releases, reviews and hopefully also a few new releases. The shop will also be updated, lots of new cds have arrived here during this last month. Would especially like to mention the Koff Kirk-release on Organic Pipeline, 'A Practical Guide To Personal Serenity', available at 6 euros. And also, the stunning new Bjerga/Iversen-release out on SIMLOG: The 7cdr Boxset "Lighthousebox". All 6 volumes of the lighthouse tapes collected and reissued, plus an additional 7th volume of previously unreleased recordings. Numbered editions of 30 boxes only, very limited availability so order yours now. Sells at 40 euros. Also arrived: Bjerga/Iversen with Lars Myrvoll, "Days Of Thunder" (live at Strada Service, Oslo, June 10th 06) out on AtWarWithFalseNoise.

With this update comes one MP3 Single and one MP3 Album. In the singles-section you can now find the track "Dynamite 2" by Fisk På Disc and in the album-section you will find Chefkirk and Carl Kruger presenting you with their 'Ibiza Shock Troops'-project.
To the shop has been added, among others, Iversen's releases at Dim Records and Einzeleinheit.

Two new releases out, both in the 3inch format: Red Needled Sea's 'Release Research' and Danny Kreutzfeldt's third part of his Ruptures-series: 'Abruption'.
Organic Pipeline has announced 'Koff Kirk - A Practical Guide to Personal Serenity' and At War With False Noise has announced 'Bjerga/Iversen - Days Of Thunder' (Live At Stada Service, with Lars Myrvoll). Both these releases should be added to the shop soon. The downloadable videorelease of DunkelBerg's 'Opus 1' is out now on Menthe De Chat. DunkelBerg is Cadmium Dunkel and Ingar Berg.

One new MP3 Single today, one single track by Xedh, and 3 remixes of it, done by Plagasul, Loty Negarti and Tüsüri.
Jan-M. Iversen has two new releases out, 'Wiederkehrende Welten' on Einzeleinheit and '1.05 Drone', out on Triple Bath. Also, Bjerga/Iversen's 'Cosmic Surgery' is out on Housepig. All these should be added to the shop soon, but are of course also availabe directly from the labels themselves.

2007 is here, and so is TIBProd's first release of the year: Maurizio Bianchi's 'Muitnelis'. Order-details at the shop, wholesaleprices available on request.

3 tracks from the new Mil.Org.-release 'Administrative' is out as an MP3 Single. K. Saunders' "special edition version" of "Devices"- complete with post-modern/ post-consumer drink coasters is now available from the shop. Other additions to the shop include some titles from the Monochrome Vision Label.

The Chefkirk-pages is updated with new reviews and new out or coming albums.
3 new cdr-releases are out, proud to announce:
-Mil.Org. - 'Administrative',
-Fisk På Disc - In Search Of The Holy Mackerel
-Danny Kreutzfeldt - Corruption (The Ruptures, part 2)
AND: there is a new MP3 Album by 'Ophibre' and 2 new MP3 Singles, from Carl Kruger and K. Saunder.
Also, the NUMUSIC-compilation "NUCD#1" is added to the Shop. A compilation featuring .P, HOH, Jan-M. Iversen, Qrt, Elektrofant, Nes and more.
Oh, and let me know if there's still broken links or missing pictures anywhere. The change of server took it's time but it should now be functioning better then ever before. Thanks to Hallgeir for hosting the website up to this point and thanks to BEK and Gisle Frøysland for hosting in from this point on...

So, finally, website up and running again. The change of server should now be done and working. For the next few days there might be some missing pictures, broken links or whatever but it shouldn't be too long before it all works 100%. A bigger update should be up during the coming weekend.

First, TIBProd. & Gold Soundz is looking for Bjerga/Iversen-remixes for an upcoming cd! So get going on a remix and send it to TIBProd. See Contact for details of where to send it.
A Bjerga/Iversen-interview is available from Tokafi.com
New additions to the Shop includes the new 'Dirtydemos'-compilation "Observation Point, Volume 1" which includes 3 tracks from Sound_00/Iversen, and also features Dead Wood, Plackpepper, Zenial, Makinoize a.o.
From 'Krakilsk' there is new releases from Swamps Up Nostrils, Guignol Dangereux, Staplerfahrer, Carl Kruger, Josh Brown, darph/nadeR....
Also added is some titles from Danish Harshnoiselabel 8K Mob and last but not least; a few copies of the "Gay For Noise" tapecompilation out on Hair Club Tapes.

Another update, another bunch of mp3-releases. No less than 3 "albums", 2 from Red Needled Sea and 1 from Master Margherita. And a "Single" from Mikka's Hell.
"Bjerga/Iversen"'s 'Live At Sound Of Mu, Oslo, Norway, 10th June 2006' is out on Dirtydemos. Available from The Shop.
"Iversen" video Lyd Med Film Til has been made available for streaming.
AND, Earlabs has a TIBProd. labelreview.

One new "MP3-Album" and one new "MP3-Single" is added. The album comes from Goh Lee Kwang and the single from K. Saunders.
Freenoise has posted a review and a video from the Bjerga/Iversen-gig with Madame P in Sheffield. Check it out HERE
Some new pictures from the tour has also been posted at "THIS" page.

UK-dates of Bjerga/Iversen is added.

"The Shop" is updated with some new goodies:
-Tzesne/Iversen-collaboration 'Ends Of Humidity And Electricity', in stunning fold-out cover featuring 12 drawings by Jon Martin. Released on Seriesnegras.
-Bjerga/Iversen - Illuminated By A Thousand Flashing Lights (Live at the Garage in The Hague, Holland on March 4, 2006.) In equally stunning cover, silkscreened with photo and gig flyer. Out on Tegel Records & Whistle Along. And in addition to that, several new releases from polish label Simlog, including a brand new Maurizio Bianchi. Also, Iversens mp3-album 'Moments' is out on Frigida Records.
Oh, and rumour has it that Bjerga/Iversen will be off for a UK-tour in October.. more news as they come in.

With this update comes news of 4 new cd-releases, 1 new mp3-album, several Bjerga/Iversen-additions to the shop and an update of Chekfirks pages. The new cd's:
Danny Kreutzfeldt - Disruption (The Ruptures, part 1)
Tüsüri - Idhylio Ephoka
Christian Galarreta - Live At CCE
[A:M:B] - Chloramphenol

The new MP3-Album comes from Baba Llaga. Added to The Shop is new Bjerga/Iversen-releases on Dead Sea Line, Time-Lag Records, Foxglove and Abgurd.
The Chefkirk-pages is updated with new releases and reviews.
Would also like to recommend Pål Asle Pettersens new cd 'Kompromisasjoner 2001-2004'. Get it here.
And of course, for those who can, remember the Numusic-festival here in Stavanger 6-9 Sept. With the TIBProd, Gold Soundz, zang and Humbug showcase on Saturday. Playing will be Bjerga/Iversen, Staplerfahrer, Swamps Up Nostrils, Ashtray Navigations, Anders Gjerde, .P, Nes & Motsol.

Added an MP3-Album from Vladislav Buben vs Nadin Katrin

Time again for another update. Another few cd-releases and some more mp3's to mention:
-'The Domestic Front - Constrictor: An Asthmatic Suite',
-'HOH, Anders Hana Remixz:',
New MP3-Singles comes from Hebronix, Bjerga/Iversen and Megatone and there is a new MP3-Album from '_bas' of Peru.
All new releases and also various other titles (some new Bjerga/Iversen-releases, a 3xcd compilation from Carbon Rec, a new Maskinanlegg, a new Iversen-release at Evelyn Rec. and various others) have been added to the shop.

Yes, finally time to update the website! And there's lots of things to report. Since the last update the following cdr's have been released:
-'OZKA - Glaciers',
-'Mono-Drone - Autumn Leaves',
-'Convurazio - Backside Hellflip',
-'Old Fashioned Donkeys - Carnival Is Burning',
and in addition; today also sees the release of
-'Compest - Auferstehung'
And there's more: New MP3-Albums comes from Carl Kruger and K. Saunders and a new MP3-Single from Cadmium Dunkel.

The Bjerga/Iversen-releases on Utech Rec. and Nervous Nurse has been added to the shop. Same goes for the Guignol Dangereux/Iversen-split on Stop/Eject. And while on Stop/Eject, they also just released a Acervulus/Chefkirk-split. And Gold Soundz just release an album of Sindre Bjerga remixes. The album includes remixes by Pål Asle Pettersen, Robert Horton, Sten Ove Toft, Crazy River, Staplerfahrer, A/M Jarvis, Qrt, Iversen, Charles Balls and Anders Gjerde. Recommended. Contact Gold Soundz for a copy. And while on Gold Soundz, their website (located here) is being worked on at this moment. A new, updated version should be up in a few days. And there is more; another 3 MP3-Albums is waiting for you, and album by The Pulse Projects, an Ekman/The Pulse Projects collaboration and a new Swamps Up Nostrils-album. Plus there is an MP3-Single by Bodycoctail, 2 tracks extracted from the amazing archives of zh27.

Recent, TIBProd.-related, releases worth mentioning:
Guignol Dangereux / Iversen - Split on Stop/Eject. Guignol also just released 'Fingermonsterbuzz' on Organic Pipeline.
There is several new Bjerga/Iversen-releases: 'Most Things Are Made Of Water', out on Utech Rec , one track is featured on 'I Don't Think The Dirt Belongs To The Grass', a 3cd-compilation out on Carbon Rec, 'Compromised Songs', out on Retinascan and 'Invisible Empire', out on Nervous Nurse.
Insects With Tits is out with their selfentitled debut on 804 Noise

New MP3-Albums from Fisk På Disc and Enzo Cage. New MP3-Single from The Domestic Front aka Thomas Bailey.
Bjerga/Iversen has a new release out on Ruralfaune and and for those in Norway they also announce 2 concert, one in Stavanger (Tou Scene), one in Oslo (Sound Of Mu).

Third year in a row, May 1st sees the release of another two parts of ODRZ06, parts IV and V.
"Part V "lunch time" borderline of the beginning of the end of the day, represents a break in the project as well as the lunchtime represents one in every day's routine. Leaving the fabric machineries is a change towards other sounds and vibes. For ODRZ it is an opportunity to explore a new horizon, the natural, intensive voice of the guest, Paola Bianchi (Ludmila, Femina Faber)."
Available from the shop.

2 great new cdr-releases and some more mp3's! First, happy and proud to finally announce the 'Looop Sessions': improvisations by John Birger Wormdahl, Per Gisle Galåen, Kai Mikalsen, Carlos Giffoni, Sten Ove Toft and Anders Gjerde, recorded 24 May 2004.
Second cdr of the day, just as happy and proud to announce: 'Eplekyss' by Origami Arktika, a live-recording from Garage, Oslo, on the 9/11 2004.
Both releases of course added to the shop.
As for MP3's: 2 MP3-Singles with this update. The first is a 4-track ep from Carlos Saladén featuring collaborations from Swamps Up Nostrils, Resin and Sharza Harza. The second, a three track single from Iversen.
Other news; a 5 min. video from Bjerga/Iversen's gig at the Paradox in Tilburg can be seen at Bjerga/Iversen's MySpace-page. It should be made available from TIBProd. as well soon.

Added some new items to the shop, including the new Bjerga/Iversen -releases 'Adding Fuel To The Fire' From Beniffer Editions and 'White Lights From The Deep North' (lighthousetapes vol. 4, out on Paha Porvari/Nani Nani. Also added is a nice selection of releases from italian labels Amplexus and Small Voices

Announcing the release of Iversen's Singles and Bjerga/Iversen's Dragging Words Out Of A Stone, the tour-benefit-cd co-released with Gold Soundz.Get it from the shop. There is also a Bjerga/Iversen-release out on Beniffer Editions, called 'Adding Fuel To The Fire'.
The Chefkirk-pages is updated with more out and coming releases and also some new reviews. Sindre Bjerga has a new release out on Foxglove called 'Sinking Slowly, Dissolving Quietly'.

Announcing the release of Osc707 and their second Suite. Paolo Veneziani, Strinqulu & Urkuma, !((OrKZa1, Luca Confusione, Talk Show Host, Orchestra Vuota, Black Dezign and Guignol Dangereux, all mixed together brilliantly by Mr. Guignol Dangereux. Get it from the shop.

..and finally! The TIBProd. Headquarter is back online. It was never the intention to go silent for so long but..
Lot's of updates will happen in the coming weeks and we start of today with no less than 4 mp3-albums and 1 mp3-single.
Mp3-albums comes from Poliform, Paolo Veneziani (2), Albert van Abbe (The Pulse Projects)/ Roel Dijcks (Ekman) and the MP3-single comes from TIB.
Other updates done today; added to the shop is items from the labels Ytstebrød Plater, Dirtydemos, Simlog, Aloardi, Superspace Rec, Minor Label, Carbon Rec, and also a few new TIBProd-releases not yet announced. Will announce the new cdr-releases in a day or two, just need to do a few more .html-pages..

Just dropping in to mention a few things. First, go check out this great article on the Catzenjammer-series., read it here: Mouvement Nouveau.
And Krakilsk have a nice selection of new releases out; Resin, Cadmium Dunkel, Iversen, and T3h 0mfgl0lr0flSTFUplzr5.

Another two MP3-Albums added, from Torstein Wjiik and Cristo Demoledor. And to promote the new release Trial And Terror, Deadwood presents an MP3-Single. And the new 'Earth Pit' cd from Bjerga/Iversen is added to The Shop.

..and finally; the Maurizio Bianchi/Siegmar Fricke-album 'Endokraniosis' is ready and out! Available from The Shop, and should also soon be available from various distributors.
Should also mention: Rogaland Hot Club (Sindre Bjerga, Sten Ove Toft, Pål Asle Pettersen and Anders Gjerde) has a new release out on Absurd/Utan Titel named 'One Hour Closer To Death'. Available from Sindre at this mail.

(Still a few days to go before the Bianchi/Fricke-release is ready.) Happy to announce the release of four new cdr's:
Emmanuel Mieville gives us his Denki Colors, Dirtydemos' own Deadwood presents the 3" Trial And Terror and Vlad Buben join forces with Nadin Buben for the Omen Faustum-project with their release Shadow Stricken. The last release of this update is a 3" mp3-dvd from Iversen entitled 8h 13m 31s. This release is limited to 10 copies (!)
As always; titles available from The Shop.
Also; Bjerga/Iversen have 2 new release out: 'Smoke Filled Mirrors' on Musicyourmindwillloveyou
and 'Earth Pit' on Barl Fire.
They should be available from The Shop soon.

This update includes several new MP3-Singles and MP3-Albums; Sound_00, Cadmium Dunkel, Josh Brown + Carl Kruger, Staplerfahrer, Prus, Iversen, Perpetual Deathic, Scullfaced Moon. Chefkirk's first release of 2006 is out; a collaboration with Carl Kruger, out on Retinascan. Sound_00 & Iversen has a collaboration 7" single out on Dirtydemos. And Bjerga / Iversen announces their February/March-tourdates.

We kick of 2006 with one new MP3-Single, 2 tracks by Moscas Nekrasov.
More MP3-releases on its way, and also just around the corner is new cdr-releases from Maurizio Bianchi + Siegmar Fricke, Emmanuel Mieville and Deadwood.
Mahorka has released 'Music For Elevators, Vol. 2'. It features Chefkirk, Iversen, Sevensy and several more and should be downloaded here.
The Office for Contemporary Art Norway (OCA) has just published a book called "Sonic North" which zooms in on norwegian noise and experimental music as it stands in 2005. Articles and interviews by or with Lasse Marhaug, Rune Grammofon, Are Mokkelbost, Fe-Mail, Anne Hilde Neset.. Editors are Sindre Andersen, Ute Meta Bauer and Christiane Erharter. It's a 100 pages, in english and available from OCA.

Several new titles added to the coming-section of Chefkirk's pages.
Our favorite label Simlog have several new releases out, including vol. 6 in Bjerga / Iversen's lighthouseseries; Streams Of Frozen Light, and also the compilation 'Noise to meet you Europe' featuring Scullfaced Moon, Megatone, Origami Klassika, Staplerfahrer, Leif Elggren, Iversen and more. Simlog has also just released Guignol Dangereux new album 'Music For Young Spiders'. These and more Simlog-titles are added to The Shop, along with Staplerfahrer's release on Authorised Version, a split with Incite.

One new MP3 Album and one new MP3 Single. An album from russian MOM and a single from norwegian Thomas Aslaksen.

Reconstruct III, Swamps Up Nostrils Remixed, is out. A double cdr-release of 32 great Swamps Up Nostrils-remixes. Or 33 that is, counting this downloadable Carved In Mud bonus-remix that comes from SENSUS. Reconstruct III is a co-release with our friends at Krakilsk.

We kick of 2006 with one new MP3-Single, 2 tracks by Moscas Nekrasov.
More MP3-releases on its way, and also just around the corner is new cdr-releases from Maurizio Bianchi + Siegmar Fricke, Emmanuel Mieville and Deadwood.
Mahorka has released 'Music For Elevators, Vol. 2'. It features Chefkirk, Iversen, Sevensy and several more and should be downloaded here.
The Office for Contemporary Art Norway (OCA) has just published a book called "Sonic North" which zooms in on norwegian noise and experimental music as it stands in 2005. Articles and interviews by or with Lasse Marhaug, Rune Grammofon, Are Mokkelbost, Fe-Mail, Anne Hilde Neset.. Editors are Sindre Andersen, Ute Meta Bauer and Christiane Erharter. It's a 100 pages, in english and available from OCA.

Several new titles added to the coming-section of Chefkirk's pages.
Our favorite label Simlog have several new releases out, including vol. 6 in Bjerga / Iversen's lighthouseseries; Streams Of Frozen Light, and also the compilation 'Noise to meet you Europe' featuring Scullfaced Moon, Megatone, Origami Klassika, Staplerfahrer, Leif Elggren, Iversen and more. Simlog has also just released Guignol Dangereux new album 'Music For Young Spiders'. These and more Simlog-titles are added to The Shop, along with Staplerfahrer's release on Authorised Version, a split with Incite.

One new MP3 Album and one new MP3 Single. An album from russian MOM and a single from norwegian Thomas Aslaksen.

Reconstruct III, Swamps Up Nostrils Remixed, is out. A double cdr-release of 32 great Swamps Up Nostrils-remixes. Or 33 that is, counting this downloadable Carved In Mud bonus-remix that comes from SENSUS. Reconstruct III is a co-release with our friends at Krakilsk.

Iversen's 'Caligula Symphony F' is out on tape from Tin Cans And Twine. A few copies of it is added to The Shop, as well as a few copies of the 'Nidarosmosis'-cdr, a Trondheim-compilation out on Krakilsk.

..and we continue: another two cdr-releases out as well as FIVE new mp3-albums. Cdr's: Bjerga / Iversen's 'We Did Provide, Live In Stavanger' (a co-release with Gold Soundz) and Resin's 'Spring The Sacred'. MP3-Albums: Christian Di Vito gives us two albums, 'Oak Wilt Program' and 'Planning For The Past', Mono-Drone presents 'All Inclusive', Elian presents 'A Thousand Years' and Iversen makes available the 'Como Jogar + Caligula'-album that was intended for a release at 'Yousns Rec.' but only made in 6 copies before Yousns closed down.
And; there is a new label worth checking out: Krakilsk.

No less than 3 new cdr-releases this week, plus an mp3-single. First we have a new 3" from Sound_00, the 'Love EP'. Then there is the 5" GOH Lee Kwang/Tim Bleckmann-livecollaboration 'Frei Radio Fur Stuttgart' and finally, Iversen's 5" 'Restituent L'atmosphère'. And Tüsüri gives us a 2-track mp3-single.
Iversen also has a new release with Why Not Ltd.
entitled 'Con-Spiration'.

Added a zipped coverfile for Christian Galarreta's new MP3-Album.

First, the announcement of another few releases; Sound_00's third release with tibprod, the 3"cdr 'Love EP'. Second release of the day is an MP3-Album from Christian Galarreta entitled 'Ruid On-Huay No'. Second, some new titles are added to The Shop; Tzesne's new album 'One Side And Other Of The Door' (Seriesnegras), a few Tore Honoré Boe-albums (Humbug Rec.) and also a few copies of the Bjerga/Iversen-release 'Kanal Local' (Localmotives). And finally; Chefkirk's pages has been updated with all recent releases and reviews. Oh, and all artist-copies of 'Catzenjammer' is now on its way to the participating artist.

Finally, all parts of the Catzenjammer-series is ready. €6 a piece or €20 for all four. All involved artists should have copies arriving soon. Chefkirk has a new album; 'Zygodactyl', out on Stop/Eject. Yousns Recordings, who was supposed to release Iversen's 'Como Jogar+Caligula' cdr, had to close down its business. Only 6 copies of this release was ever made, of which 2 copies are available from TIBProd. (tibprod@hotmail.com). The Shop is updated with Bjerga/Iversen's third volume in their Lighthousetapes-series, out on Musically Incorrect Records
on a split with Skullpture.

Some new non-tibprod releases worth mentioning: Yousns have just released the Iversen-album 'Como Jogar + Caligula', M.I.R. just released vol. 3 in Bjerga/Iversen's 'lighthousetapes'-series on a split with Skullpture. Chefkirk has a new downloadable release out on Mahorka called 'w0v9cd8'. Mahorka also just released the new 'Untelling A Story'-album by Helmeticrononaut. And last but not least; Staplerfahrer has two recent releases out; 'cadure/soreville' on Break The Line and an incite / staplerfahrer split on Authorised Version. Oh, and you should of course visit the Koji Tano Tribute Page.

One new MP3-Album; Paolo Veneziani's 1998-album 'Alphabet', including full artwork. And three new MP3-Singles; 1 track-singles from Mono-Drone and Helmeticrononaut and two tracks from Koff Koff.

CD1 and 2 of the long awaited compilation-series is ready. See CD1 and CD2 for tracklistings. Available from The Shop at €6 each, or €10 for both of them.
And; there is a new MP3-Album from Belgium-act OZKA.
Carbon Records has released the Bjerga / Iversen cdr 'Burning The Light At Both Ends', there should be copies available from the shop soon. Same goes for the Bjerga/Iversen-release on the 'Utan Tittel'-label: '..play the Oslo Groove Machine'; available from the shop soon. Feel free to pre-order.

Iversen's EP '5 times me' out on Mahorka. Should also really recommend the new Simlog-release 'The Shape Of Lost Things' from Aabzu / Phylr.

Another 2 mp3-albums made available. 'The End' From Resin and an 8-track EP from Megatone.

Sound_00 is back on TIBProd, this time with a 14 track mp3-album. Chefkirk has a new release, 'The Earth Is Mostly Ocean', out on Entracte. A nice, new review of tibcd42, Monoid - Pattern Hiding, can be read here and there has also been new reviews added to KA - Monsterpanic and Koff Kirk as well as to the Bjerga / Iversen -page.

It's May 1st and time for another installment of the 9-part ODRZ06, this time Part 1. TIBProd's third Cadmium Dunkel-release is out, the 1-track, 20 min. 3"cdr 'Rå 04 Eteremregni'. And finally available is Koff Kirk, the long awaited Koff Koff/Chefkirk 3x3"cdr-collab. The mp3-album 'Eleven Times Me' by Iversen, once downloadable from Samsa Records, is re-released as MP3 Album 29.
And most important of all: big thanks to Yoana and Ivan for their great work on the new webpages.

KA - Monsterpanic is released, available at the shop.

Note! Change of address: New address is:
c/o Jan-M. Iversen
Pb. 930

Finally,TIBProd's first "real" cd-release, tibcd25, is ready and available. Proud to announce a 3" split-cd featuring Tore Honoré Bøe and Emmanuel Mieville. The cd is available from The Shop..(meaning; by mailing me.)

Updated the Chefkirk-pages with info on his new 1000+1 TiLt-release 'kik-kik-kikkik', as well as a few reviews. Some titles from Absurd Records, First Person and Herbal Records is added to The Shop. Also added Apop Records to the Link-page. Other news: The Tore Honoré Bøe/Emmanuel Mievill split 3" is just around the corner. And so is the brand new TIBProd. webpages.

Finally, it's time for Reconstruct 3. This time you are given the chance of remixing Swamps Up Nostrils. Submissions will be collected for a future cdr-release. In addition to this, some more new mp3's is added. You can find an MP3-Album from Pulse Emitter called 'SCUM' and a TIBProd-Mix, featuring elements of most recent cdr-releases. And there is a new MP3-Single from Chefkirk. The Shop is updated with the new Organic Pipeline-release by Bjerga / Iversen, entitled 'Matinee Preparation'. Oh, and you should download Paolo Veneziani's Double-release '1995-2005', downloadable from here or here.

The Shop is updated with new title from the label Simlog, among them the new Iversen-release "Mastering 280". And the Chefkirk-pages is updated with more reviews and some new additions to his catalogue. His "fields of Paranoia and Fear" is now out on danish label Organic Pipeline. TIBProd. do have a very limited number of this new release, as well as 3 copies of the sold-out chrismas-ep "Pycnontus Jocosus". Again; see The Shop.

New cdr- releases from Tzesne (Time Of Bonfires) and Sound 00 (Sound666) and new MP3-Singles from from Makinoize, Omnid, Origami Magika and Origami Neuborgspouters & The Neuborg Singers. Chefkirk and Carl Kruger has collaborated, the mp3-ep "Designer Consciousness" can be downloaded from THIS link. Carl Kruger also has a new ep available from this link. The Shop is updated with various new titles from Organic Pipeline and Stop/Eject

Some more releases ready; 5-inches from Tivol and Cadmium Dunkel and a 3-inch from Malkyl. In addition to these The Shop has been updated with a few copies of Norwegian Noise Orchestra's "Tender Love Is A Bitch" and the Boyarm -release Il Programma Di Religione, a massive compilation, 265 artists/songs on one cd.. (EveryKidOnSpeed, Ivan Bachev, ODRZ, Guignol Dangereux, Sound 00, Koff Koff, EveryKidOnAcid, Origami Klassika, Scullfaced Moon, Chefkirk, TIB, Staplerfahrer all among them) And MP3-Single 60 comes from Origami Tacet . And; Emmanuel Mieville has his new website up and running with some nice audio-streamings available.

First up in the coming year is an mp3-single from Monoid. And the first cdr's of the year comes from Megatone and Swamps Up Nostrils. Both available from The Shop. Also, various updates to Chefkirk's pages; some new releases and reviews.

tibcd42: Monoid - Pattern Hiding, is ready and available from The Shop. The Bjerga/Iversen 2cdr and a new release by Maskinanlegg is added to the shop. ODRZ has a new release out on Kipple; ODRZ07, a recommended release in a special packing...

Another 3 releases in the series of 3-inches is ready; Sound 00 (Summer666), Guignol Dangereux (Di Marinetti E D'Intorni) and Staplerfahrer (Depths In Perception). Cadmium Dunkel presents a new MP3-Album and some Maor Appelbaum productions is added to The Shop.

Iversen is presented, together with Alexander Wendt, Arne Bakke, Atle Selnes Nielsen and Jørgen Knudsen at Fabulat. Some more review added to Chefkirk's pages.

More new releases. 3"cdr's from Freiband; 'MARTIN, Seven [New] Aspects' and Carl Kruger's 'Hello Oslo'. The 'Shop' is updated with some new titles from SIMLOG and Organic Pipeline.

Sindre Bjerga's 'Tales From Topographic Oceans', Tore Honoré Bøe's 'Summertime Blues' and Chefkirk's 'western GRIP' are all now ready and available from the Shop. And there is new mp3-album from Iversen.

Danish label Organic Pipeline went live mid-October, among the first releases; a new cd from Chefkirk . Chefkirk's pages are updated with info on this and other releases. And, some of Organic Pipeline's releases should be available from THE SHOP.

Iversen has a new 2x3"cdr out with Sindre Bjerga, on the brilliant label 1000+1 TiLt. And there should be another cdr from Iversen coming on SIMLOG soon.

Some more titles added to the Shop; various titles from Humbug Records and also Ryfylke's 'Boknafjord' from Roggbif Records.

The Reconstruct 2-project; remix Cadmium Dunkel is out. The cdr featuring remixes by Swamps Up Nostrils, Staplerfahrer, Christian Di Vito, Tzesne, Iversen, Origami Klassika, Guignol Dangereux, ODRZ, Scullfaced Moon, Chefkirk, Liquid Sphere and PartOfMe:Apparatus is now available from The Shop. A third Reconstruct-project will be announced soon. The MP3-Albums-page is updated with a new album from Brian Klein & Carl Kruger. The MP3-Singles-page is updated with 2 tracks from Larva. There has also been some more new additions to the Shop; 3 new titles from Polish label SIMLOG and some copies of the Foutredieu!!!/Iversen-split out on Brise-Cul Records, Canada.

A new MP3-Album is added, this time from Sound_00. The album comes complete with downloadable cover-art. Some new titles are added to The Shop, Tzesne's 'Kraken' and various titles from HalTapes. Staplerfahrer has his own website up and running, check it out here. And there has been some new additions to the download-areas of Cadmium Dunkel.

3 new 3" cdr-releases; Cadmium Dunkel's "Anxiety", Carl Kruger's" "Sound Takes" and Iversen's "Hankel Anabaptist Conklin Echo". All cd's available from The Shop. Royce Icon of industrial.org recently did an interview with Chefkirk. Read it here. Bulgarian label Mahorka has released extracts from Iversen's long forgotten cd "Future Retrospects" available for download from their website, and also from The Archive. Cadmium Dunkel has finally gone live on the web; www.cadmiumdunkel.org. The Reconstruct 2-project is over, the resulting cd-release is being finalised at this very moment. More news on that and a coming Reconstruct 3-project soon.

TIBProd. today announce the release of two new cd's, in the 3" format. The releases are by Sound 00 and Guignol Dangereux. Both releases are available from the shop. Also, there is a new MP3-Single, from Tzesne. A few new reviews is added to Chefkirk's reviewpage.

Canadian label Brise-Cul Records just released the Foutredieu!!!/Iversen-split. Foutredieu!!! does a 3-part tribute to the videogame Doom, Iversen delivers two parts of the Caligula Symphony. A few new reviews is added to Chefkirk's reviewpage.

Russian noise-act Comforter has been remixed by Koff Koff. The result can be heard on the new cd Hush Hush Money, available from The Shop. Chefkirk has a new release, mp3's and more info here. And, just around the corner, the first in a series of 3"-cdr's. First up is Sound 00 and Guignol Dangereux. More on that soon.

2 new MP3-Singles added, from Chefkirk and Carl Kruger.
And Fungal Grevling gives us a brand new MP3-Album.
Chefkirk's pages is updated with a few additions to the "coming"-section. The Gold Soundz-pages has been updated as well.

Several new MP3-Singles added; Aleph, Muezinn, Zenial, Stop, all artists with releases out on the fine Polish label Simple Logic Records (Simlog).
Some titles from Simlog's catalogue have been added to the Shop
Canadian label Cassatio recently released a (very) ltd. 2cdr from the Chefkirk / Koff Koff-project Koff Kirk, as well as a cd by Koff Koff.
Chefkirk has added another title to his "coming"-section and some new reviews for his review-page.
The pages of Gold Soundz has been updated. This great label offers (among others) new 7-inches from Volcano The Bear, Christina Carter, Vibracathedral Orchestra, cdr's from DEL, Reynols and also a Lasse Marhaug Cassette.
The now sold-out Dangereux vs Iversen-cd has been made available for download, in it's completeness, including Paolo Veneziani's cover-art. Download from the Internet Archive or from the Dangereux vs Iversen-page.

Chefkirk has 2 new releases out, 'Go Vegetable' on Brise-Cul Records. and 'Vegetable Rush' on Stop/Eject.

Both Staplerfahrer and Iversen have contributed to a downloadable remix-album of Brazilian KKFS. Available now for download through Fronha Records / KKFS.

Another MP3-Album from Helmeticrononaut, this time also including a downloadable cover-file.
Some new reviews was added to Chefkirk's Review-page and some additions were made to the link-section.
The Remix-project (The Cadmium Dunkel Reconstruct) is given the deadline of something like two months from now. There should still be room for a few more ...

One new MP3-Single from Iversen, the Chefkirk pages is updated with info on a new release, and some reviews. And some more old Iversen-stuff is added to the Iversbulk.

2 new cd-releases, part III and VI from the ODRZ06 project.
A total of 9 cd's will be released on May 1 throughout the coming years. Available from The Shop.
Also; 2 new MP3-Albums, from Canada comes Aidan Baker with his Ichneumon-album and Bulgarian Navmemo present a live-recording from the AmbientFestival in Sofia, Bulgaria on the 26th of March 2004.

A new MP3-Album; Alone In A Chamber, from Christian Di Vito.
Quotidian Assemblages, vol. 4 is out on HalTapes and features one track from Iversen as well as Napalmed, Cheapmachines and others.

Added a new MP3-Single from Chefkirk. And announcing the release of tibcd27; Your Name Here - Rage&Holy, a double-cd including 41 tracks and the EI-program, used in the creation of the music on this cd. Available from The Shop.
Other news; New Chefkirk cd, Tax Cuts for Nose Jobs on Scratch aNd Sniff Entertainment and an mp3-ep available from Noiseusse.org.
Some Iversen-tracks included on the 'Northern Unlights'-cd out now on Musically Incorrect Records. This collection also includes Sindre Bjerga of Gold Soundz, Lokustus, Gelsomina and Ovum.
A few copies of Northern Unlights available from The Shop.

Added an MP3-Album from Helmeticrononaut and some new MP3-Singles from Cadmium Dunkel and Iversen.
Plus; some more additions to Chefkirks Reviews-section.
And; Koff Koff has a track for download at Floppyswop.

The MP3-Server is up and running again ... finally.

There seems to be some problems with access to the mp3-server. It is being looked into...

Legion Sudan just announced 2 releases involving TIBProd-artists.
The first being a "Stavanger-Split"; Iversen, Koff Koff and Scullfaced Moon doing 20 minutes each. The Second being a split with Iversen and US Harsh-noiser Nothingisttrue.

Added 2 new MP3-Singles, from Origami Minimalistika and Mil.Org./Iversen.
Chefkirk has an mp3-ep out at Samsa Records.

New MP3-Album added, this time from Tore Honoré Bøe.
Some new reviews added to Chefkirk's Reviews-section.

Added a few copies of the Iversen-cd "Ten Times Me", out now on Bedroom Brain Records, to The Shop, selling at €4.

New MP3-Singles from Jan Van Den Dobbelsteen and Christian Di Vito.
And a new cdr-release by Origami Minimalistika; available from The Shop.

Announcing the release of 2 new cd's, both from Paolo Veneziani; 'The Puddle EP' and 'The First Floor'. Get them from The Shop.
Also announcing the MP3 Album from Part of me:Apparatus and the MP3-Single from Guignol Dangereux.

And another MP3-Single, this time from Mike Shiflet of Gameboy Records.

A new MP3-Single; André Hardang Borgen.

Norwegian Noise Orchestra has their 2cdr "There's No Remorse, Live At Blå 12.04.2003" out on Roggbif Records. TIBProd. has a few copies, available from the shop.

This weeks tracklisting of Zenapolae (zenRadio) features several TIBProd-act's ... recommended.
And Radio Fetthode has the 7107-album of Iversen featured in their current tracklisting.

Lately the number of visitors/downloads have grown. A lot. Leading to server-breakdowns and such.
Thanks to BEK (Bergen Center for Electronic Arts)
we will during this weekend and the first days of next week move all mp3's to a new server. So, if you experience missing files, errormessages or whatever during the next days; be patient, in a few days it will all be better then ever before ..
Other news; Staplerfahrer continues from his well-reviewed TIBProd-release scsi vs ata (tibcd12) by giving us a new MP3-Single.
And The Shop is updated yet again; the new Chefkirk / Iversen split-cd, released by XV Parówek.

Added to The Shop; Das Dreidimensionale Möbiusband. This really is a stunning release from the Japanese Flying Swimming-label. 2 cd's filled with the likes of Asmus Tietchens, Conrad Schnitzler, Merzbow, Frans de Waard, John Waterman, Leif Elggren, Kouhei and more ... It also includes a 3" CD-Rom with various info on the release and the artists, links etc... The cd's are packed in a unique transparent plastic Möbiusband.

There was some problems with the TIBProd-server, making all mp3's unavailable for some hours. This problem should now be sorted out.

Added some new items to The Shop. Items from Simple Logic Records, Poland, and Deserted Factory, Japan.

Another two MP3 Singles and one new (mini) MP3 Album.
Singles comes from Christian Di Vito and the ever-active Chefkirk.
The 8 track Mini-Album is supplied by Swamps Up Nostrils
Two new Iversen cd's is released: 'Ten Times Me' is out on Bedroombrain Records and 'Caligula Symphony D' is released by XV Parówek on a split with Chefkirk.
And talking of Chefkirk; there has lately been several releases on various labels,info on all this from Chefkirk's own, new pages.

Another new release in the MP3 Singles-section, this time from Ivan Bachev, giving us two examples of Plunderphony. Iversen has the MP3-EP 'Eleven Times Me' out on Samsa Records.

Just added a split-cdr from Carpediem Records, Croatia to the Shop.
A great 4-Way Split featuring Lasse Marhaug/Guignol Dangereux/Karmakumulator/Gruuthaagy. Only €3, covers printed on old rentgen plastics ...
Also, there has lately been some problems with the lines that bring TIBProd. to the world. If we've been ofline at time I can only say "sorry" and "it wasn't me" ...

The first 3 MP3 Sigles of 2004 is out; Autistici, Cyclotimia and Iranon.
The Reconstruct 2-Pages was updated with some additional submit-details.
The Iversen-pages and the Chefkirk-pages has been updated.
You should also see '2003'. (Words From The Headquarter.)

The last mp3-single of 2003 comes from Lasse Marhaug; Bomb Nothing.

3 new MP3 Singles from Swamps Up Nostrils, TIB and Hanhisuanto.
TIBProd. would like to point your ears to: Radio Fetthode, zenRadio at Zenapolae, Inner Space, Støyfoten at RadioNova.

Reports of 2 coming concerts reached the TIBProd. headquarters today. For those in the right area these are shows not to be missed.
ODRZ will be performing at La Cueva (No Art Gallery)) in Milan, Italy, on the 12th of Desember. On that same day Norwegian Noise Orchestra meet up for their third performance, at The Office For Contemporary Art (Kunstnernes Hus) in Oslo.

A new addition: MP3 Albums. This time, from New York, Kenneth Kirschner.

Another two cd-releases; Oscillator 707 and André Hardang Borgen, both available at the Shop. The Shop has also been updated with several titles from Acid Fake, Ossosnossos, Bronson Unlimited, Abflug Rec. and we also have a few copies of the Groping In The Dark-cd by Dissecting Table.
Also, the Acid Fake / Fake Zine-pages will be available from TIBProd. for some time ...
As for those of you waiting for more MP3 Singles or MP3 Albums there is a new load coming soon ...

Two more releases ready. The Iversen-album 'Gheye' is now available and Origami Klassika gives us a free MP3-Album.

The Reconstruct 1-project is finished, the cd now available. Info on the cd here and you may buy it here.
Check out the Reconstruct 2 project based on Cadmium Dunkel material. No deadline so far. Remix/Participate!
Several other pages have been updated too; MP3 Singles, MP3 Albums, Iversen, Scullfaced Moon, Catalogue, T.I.B., R.C.O.N....
Some of you might have noticed that tibprod.com have been unavailable at times. There have been some smaller problems with our servers but it's being worked on it should now be more stable than it has ever been ... hopefully.

TIBProd. kicks of the Reconstruct II-project; Download and remix Cadmium Dunkel for a future cd-release. Get the tracks HERE and get to work ...

Finally, TIBProd. presents 3 new cd's. ODRZ, Staplerfahrer and Iversen. ODRZ with their noisy tv-project, Staplerfahrer doing his circuitbending and Iversen with an ambient piece which includes a reading of the complete bible ...

The MP3-Singles-section updated with 2 new tracks from Mil.Org. / Iversen, based on the reconstruct-project, which is now nearing the end/nearing the cd-release.
In addition to the reconstruct-cd there will be an additional cd featuring only reconstructions by Mil.Org. / Iversen.

2 new MP3-Singles; Guignol Dangereux, returning to TIBProd. with some brilliant technoise and also some great circuit-bending from the soon to be released on tibcd; Staplerfahrer. 1932-2003

TIBProd. has a new contact-address. (SnailMail that is..) If you are planning on sending anything to us, please see the Contact-Page.
2 new MP3-Singles, this time 2 tracks brilliant tracks from Russian Computer Club and another 2 from Chefkirk.

Another 2 MP3-Albums added, A pre-version of the forthcoming cd by Mil.Org anda 74 minute dj-set by RCON featuring only TIBProd.-artists.

The first track from the Iversen-cd coming soon is available for download at Floppy Swop.

A new MP3-Album is added, by Koff Koff.
And; 2 new tracks from Iversen in the MP3-Singles area.

TIBCD08 is out: Chefkirk - Microteaching LP. Get it from The Shop.
The Kredi Dubi-cd Religion Is War was released on 01 August 2003 by AmbientLive - The Label
The pages of Gold Soundz and Humbug Records is updated.

TIBCD10 is out; Ivan Bachev - Captures From Sound Behaviour.. Available from The Shop.
The pages of Gold Soundz is updated.

Brilliant new MP3-Singles, this time from Kredi Dubi, Sindre Bjerga/Anders Gjerde and once again; Swamps Up Nostrils.
And also proud to present: Karlheinz Stockhausen, Illusion Of Safety and 400 Lonely Things
TIBCD02; ODRZ05 will be available soon. See ODRZ for more.
The 400 Lonely Things LP on Bronson Unlimited is available from The Shop.
Illusion Of Safety's first release with ossosNossos is available from The Shop.
All tibprod-titles will now be available from The National Museum of Contemporary Art in Oslo.

3 more brilliant MP3-Singles, this time from Kredi Dubi, Sindre Bjerga/Anders Gjerde and once again; Swamps Up Nostrils.
Illusion Of Safety's first release with ossosNossos is available from The Shop.
All tibprod-titles will now be available from The National Museum of Contemporary Art in Oslo.

TIBProd's second release is out; Norwegian Noise Orchestra - Tender Love Is A Bitch, Live At Betong 12.12.02. It can be ordered from us or Apartment Records or OHM Records.(NNO)

TIBProd. is proud to present the new cd by Dangereux vs Iversen. You can buy it from The Shop and download 4 bonus-tracks from the singles-section.
Chefkirk and TIB present 2 tracks each in the singles-section.
The TIBProd-project Kredi Dubi is released by AmbientLive.

Brilliant new singles from Paolo Veneziani, Swamps Up Nostrils and Iversen as well as a complete album from Cadmium Dunkel!
The Shop is open. As well as the TIBProd-selection we have now started distribution of Abflug Rec.
Opsound now also includes Iversen-sounds.
TIBProd. is still looking for contributors, see Remix / Participate.

New releases from Carl Kruger (MP3 Singles) and The A.C.O.N. (MP3 Albums)
Guignol & Iversen have teamed up, remixing eachothers work. Soon available as a ltd. ed. cd.
TIBProd. team up with Humbug Rec. to promote the complete Humbug Rec. catalogue: Humbug Rec.
Iversen's Psycholympics-video is available from Floppyswop

Edizioni 25.02.2003
From Italy comes Guignol Dangereux presenting Class Z and from Norway we present Obscure Tapestries in our series of MP3 Singles.
TIBProd. invites all; Remix Jan-M. Iversen for cd-release. See REMIX / PARTICIPATE.
TIBProd. adds a few new pages of info. and links. The main focus will always be on the music but still, some info is needed.
We have added info. on Humbug Rec., Obscure Tapestries. Also; each TIBProd.-artist will have it's own page. We also hope to offer some cd's for sale soon.
Iversen's reworking of Origami Arktika is soon available from: Origami Republika's CD-R Archive
The Nordic Miracle - 'We Shall Provide' is released through Humbug Rec. You need this one!

Edizioni 25.01.2003
TIBProd. presents it's first four downloadable albums. We are extremely proud to present an 8 track Conrad Schnitzler -album, as well as the Iversen-remix of Quoit's album Lounge and two albums from TIBProd.'s own Jan-M. Iversen.
TIBProd. presents it's first five web-singles. (Origami Replika, Koff Koff, Scullfaced Moon, Jan-M. Iversen and Tore H. Bøe.)
Iversen's work with Bulgarian Svetlozar Aneff is released on deformedvinyl rec. deformedvinyl rec.or z-d.org (More info in various-section.)
Iversen's Acartia Tonsa 1 & 2 released on Mahorka Rec. mahorka rec.