Mil. Org.

'Administrative' (tibcd07)

1 a new generation of men raised by women
2 a signal to jaspar osgielvy
3 cultivator no 121
4 motherwell and wishaw (mp3)
5 tv2 slash burning (mp3)
6 the police video (mp3)
7 cultivator no 2
8 brummstein
9 falluja
10 mute/head
11 administrative building 2
12 the execution of jessica lynch
13 a construction for voice and metal
14 dynastine
15 protektorat

mil.org is tor frÝseth. contact mil.org.. all compositions by mil.org. except track #3: frÝseth/solum, guitar treatments on track #3 by sivert solum, coverphoto by ben ingelsrud, coverwork: dunkel design. contributions by cadmium dunkel and jan-m/tibprod. - thanks!

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