Koff Kirk is R.H. Smith (of Chefkirk and Insects With Tits) and J.M. Iversen (of Koff Koff and Bjerga/Iversen). CD1. Koff Kirk

10 Tracks, Koff Koff / Chefkirk-collaboration
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CD2. Chefkirk - Household Limits

01. overnight soaking method
02. 81013
03. 7221
04. overnight method
05. TOOl0^$
k 06. 101522
07. 10081
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CD3. Koff Koff - Sorry For Wasting Your Precious Time

01. Sorry
02. For
03. Wasting
04. Your
05. Precious
06. Time
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Reviews of tibcd14:

Our over productive friend Chefkirk teams up with the unknown Koff Koff (of whom an MP3 was reviewed in Vital Weekly 385) for a pack of solo and collaborative recordings. The first 3"CDR contains their collaboration of pushing back and forth soundfiles. Mostly noise related and occasionally rhythmically oriented. However the results aren't that interesting. Overall the material drags on a bit too much, and doesn't take the listener anywhere. It's noise and not very good at that. The solo release by Chefkirk is alike but better. Here, again, like on many of his recent releases, rhythm and noise play an important role. What doesn't succeed on the collaborative release, namely creating an interesting piece of music out of it, succeeds well on this release. There is care for dynamics and variations in the sounds used. Maybe to my surprise, the solo release by Koff Koff wasn't bad either, though also not great. Here too various elements of ambient related sounds are thrown in the blender and at various points in time, things pop out with a loud bang. But there is certainly much tension in this material. A pity that joining these two didn't work out but solo things are all alright.
Frans de Waard, Vital Weekly

(Koff Kirk)
Koff Kirk is a collaboration between ChefKirk (Roger Smith) and Koff Koff (J. Iversen). I think this is the second release from the project but I'm not sure. This 3" is the first I've heard of them, though I've heard plenty of chefkirk and some previous koff koff material. Both parties usually release stuff in the digital noise realm, so I figured that's what I'd be getting, and I was right. I wasn't sure what to expect quality wise though, and I'm happy to say that this is a pretty good disc. The majority of the material here has a kind of subdued vibe to it, not quite minimal, but almost. Things get slow sometimes, but in a good way, and there are a ton of nice sounds in here. Lots of variety, from powernoisy stuff to darker soundscape work. It sounds very planned out in the way it moves, it's very liquid, the same thing never goes on for too long. In some ways it reminds me of some of the stuff from Burning Emptiness in that the electronics are fluid and wacky ( I mean that in a good way) at times yet abrasive and generally fun. I think if I had to pick a favorite track here, it would be the first one, because i really dig how weird and rhythmic it is. There are some mastering/ mixing flaws here and there, some kinda high volume jumps, but only a couple, and they don't take much from the over all work. Recommended.
Royce Icon, Industrial.org
(Chefkirk - Household Limits)
One thing you can always give chefkirk credit for is that there is almost always a high amount of wacky energy in his work. The environ is usually very fun and dangerous with lots of shrapnel trying to take off your head as you dance like a funky chicken to this other worldly music. Sure, Roger doesn't exactly go to new territories with each new release, but all of his records are usually pretty crazy and fun with some new elements to the chefkirk sound sprinkled here and there. I really dig some of the more synthy textures here, I'm hearing more analog playing than in some of his other stuff. I really love how things get very funky and retro synthrocky on some of the tracks. Its only for a few seconds, but it adds a very nice touch to the normal skree and squeals. My favorite song here is definitely the fourth track, "overnight method", due to to the super wacky synth melodies in the middle of it. My only real beef here is the mastering, which is something that always needs a bit of work on chefkirk material. This record is actually pretty good on that front in comparison, but there are still some pretty loud bursts of sound that can be annoying to listen to, especially in a stereo. But over all this is a good record. I hope that in the future Roger starts focusing more on the analog stuff, because it's pretty cool and I'd like to hear what he can do with some non filtered synth stuff. Recommended.
Royce Icon, Industrial.org
(Koff Koff - Sorry For Wasting Your Precious Time)
This Koff Koff 3" is part of a series of three inches put out by TIBProd. that all feature nice and clean minimalist artwork which I personally think looks pretty spiffy. The sounds on this disc are a lot less frantic in than the previous koff koff stuff I've heard. Granted, there is still some of that energetic noisy rumbling, but it lack a lot of the ardor this time around, instead opting for a slower, more brooding approach. The majority of the audio on "sorry to waste your precious time" consists of various low end rumbles, from really dark, sludgy ambient, to more active rumbly noise bursts. I like it all, but I'd be lying if I said I was extremely enthused. The blotchy mastering job doesn't help matters much, especially the ear shattering volume jump at the end. This is good, but definitely more or a rental than a keeper.
Royce Icon, Industrial.org