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Jan-M. Iversen

(still from "Lyd Med Film Til")

Iversen Discography
Bjerga / Iversen @ TIBProd.
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Recent Releases:
-Jan-M. Iversen - Articulating Ideas, out on TIBProd. (TIBCD115)
-Jan-M. Iversen - Modul 2, out on TIBProd. via Planet Origo (TIBCD112 though download only!)
-Jan-M. Iversen - Modul, out on Feelscape Rec.
-Bjerga/Iversen - (Go With The Flow) Like A Twig On The Shoulders Of A Mighty Stream, out on TIBProd. and various (TIBCD100)
-v/a - No Noise for Old Men, out on Ytstebrød Plater (w/both Bjerga/Iversen and Lydhode) -Bjerga/Iversen - Amplified Spectral Decay, out on Reverb Worship
-Bjerga/Iversen - Throwing Giant Pebbles In A Tiny Pond, out on Impulsy Stetoskopu
-Bjerga/Iversen - Evil Neon Logic, out on Infinite Exchange
-A Vibrant Struggle - Split w/Fossils From The Sun, out on Burnt Hill
-A Vibrant Struggle - Whispering Bones, out on Small Doses
-A Vibrant Struggle - 3waysplit w/Heat Conference and Ctephin, out on 905 Tapes
-Iversen, Øksendal, Gjerde, Killingtveit, Hanssen, Pettersen - Balloon Session, out on Ambolthue
-Jan-M. Iversen - Rehearsal For Organ 3, out on Abdicate Cell
-Jan-M. Iversen - The Lull Before The Storm, out on B-Rush
-Iversen-remix featured on 'Broken Line Remixes' Cd out on Zang. Remixes of Nils Henrik Asheim/Vertavo-Quartetfeat by SINDRE BJERGA, JAN-M. IVERSEN, ANDERS GJERDE, QRT, PÅL ASLE PETTERSEN and HOH)
-Bjerga/Iversen 7" lathe-cut, split w/Swagger Jack vs A.M., out on Root Don Lonie For Cash
-Bjerga/Iversen - Wormhole, out on Scrotum Rec.
-Bjerga/Iversen - The World Is A Pretend, Not A Coocoon, out on Heilskabaal
-Jan-M. Iversen - Det Er Det Det Er, out on Verato Prosject
-Bjerga/Iversen - Empire Of Dirt, cassettte out on Abandon Ship
-Bjerga/Iversen - 'Reverse Universe' featured on NUCD#02 (Numusic/Zang). Compilation also feat. Anders Gjerde, QRT, HOH, Felix Kubin, DJ Scotch Egg, Daedelus, Modan Garu, Kill ++ -Bjerga/Iversen - Dissect And Connect, Bjerga/Iversen Remixed, out TIBProd. & Gold Soundz.
-Bjerga/Iversen - 'Sons Pirates Des Fréquences Volées' featured on compilation "Frannce" on Rural Faune
-Bjerga/Iversen - 'On A Plane' featured on 'What More Do You Need Than A Recorder' on Ambolthue
-Iversen - Mahorka Remixes vol. 2 at Mahorka
-Støy På Landet, Rehearsal. MP3-album at Two left hands on two right arms
-Lydhode (Iversen/Borge) - My Life In The Ghost Of Bush, out on TIBProd.
-Bjerga/Iversen - Electric Tranquilizer, tape out on Peasant Magik
-Bjerga/Iversen - Electron, tape out on Blackest Rainbow
-Jan-M. Iversen feat. T.I.B. - Tapes 88-94 Reworked, (ltd. mirror-edition), Ytstebrød Plater
-Jan-M. Iversen - Greets From Norway, out on Astipalea
-Bjerga/Iversen - Chromium Six Exposure, out on Astipalea
-Bjerga/Iversen - Shortest Way To The Moon, out on Harha Askel
-Bjerga/Iversen - Selling England By The Pound, tape out on 'Matching Head'
-Bjerga/Iversen - Drawn To The Light, Like Moths To A Flame, out on Phantom Limb
-Bjerga/Iversen - Cosmic Recovery, out on Students Of Decay
-Iversen/Fischer - Aften Over Landet, out on TIBProd.
-Jan-M. Iversen - Half-lit Illusions, mp3-album, TIBProd.
-Chefkirk/Iversen, split on Brise-Cul Records
-Jan-M. Iversen - Bathe The Night Video
-Jan-M. Iversen - Fireballs To Sea Video
-Jan-M. Iversen, track 'Cork Hornpipe' featured on 'Don't Get Annoyed Get Inspired'-compilation from Ambolthue
-Bjerga/Iversen - The World Of Pretend Is A Cage, Not A Cocoon', out on 8mm
-Bjerga/Iversen w/Madame P. - Broken English, out on Ambolthue
-Bjerga/Iversen - Disconnection Theory, out on Ytstebrød Plater
-Bjerga/Iversen - Hijacked Frequencies, out on Foxglove
-Bjerga/Iversen - Lighthousebox, out on Simlog
-Bjerga/Iversen - The Smallest Roads Are Paved With Bricks Of Gold, out on Celestial Jars
-Jan-M. Iversen - Caligula Symphony W', out on Dim Records
-Bjerga/Iversen - 'Days Of Thunder' (with Lars Myrvoll, Live Strada Service, Oslo), out on At War With False Noise
-Bjerga/Iversen - Cosmic Surgery, out on Housepig
-Iversen - Wiederkehrende Welten, out on Einzeleinheit
-Iversen - 1.05 Drone, out on Triple Bath
-Sound_00/Iversen - 3 untitled tracks on Dirtydemos-compilation "Observation Point Volume One".
-Iversen - Lyd Med Film Til
-Live at Sound Of Mu, Oslo, Norway, 10th June 2006 out on Dirtydemos
-Tzesne/Iversen - Ends Of Humidity And Electricity, out on Seriesnegras

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