Skema - Underskin Remixed

Feat: Jan-M. Iversen - Dead Black Arms - Adults With Chicks - Christian Di Vito


Skema - Underskin Remixed

TIB.IT 013


Genre: Electronic, Ambient, Drones, Industrial

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Track List:


1. Jan-M. Iversen - Underskin Remixed Part 1 - 7:21   mp3 sample


2. Dead Black Arms - Inked Urns - 2:20


3. Christian Di Vito - Underskin Remixed - 7:46


4. Adults With Chicks - Underskin Remixed - 3:34


5. Skema - Underskin Remixed - 44:42   mp3 sample


6. Jan-M. Iversen - Underskin Remixed Part 2 - 4:22




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Underskin Remixed


This album is the result of the first TIBProd. Italy Remix Contest and contains original tracks by Jan-M. Iversen, Dead Black Arms, Christian Di Vito, Adults With Chicks and Skema.



Stefano Sguerrini: original home-made samples

Daniele Santini: construction


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