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 Seascape Murals


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Seascape Murals


During the initial planning stages of Seascape Murals Mark O'Leary decided upon four disparate tangible conceptual ideas that both intrigued and encaptivated his imagination.

Sometimes it is the book about the book or the documentary about the film that encapsulates the kernel of the essence of what is being postulated.

With this project, Mark was attracted to some of the ancillary aspects of maritime activity.

Shipping forecast 

Everyone has listened to the shipping forecast radio transmissions and one can be highly fascinated with the data being eruditely delivered by medium of spoken word, these masterful narrations, with not a scintilla of the superfluous, have been the ultima ratio in the decision making process of the sea voyager for many years. One can even envisage a keeper in a lighthouse somewhere with charts, quill, ink, barometer and sextant (eschewing all of this hi tech equipment) giving accurate weather readings over the radio. Fishermen and sailors peruse upon cartography, pontificating upon a route on which to embark on their voyage based on accurate data being reported.


The US Navy stationed a squadron of flying boats in this enclosed area during WWI and it subsequently morphed into a hovercraft factory. As of late it is functioning as a boatyard.

Mark managed to record the atmosphere of the space during which time it was a hub activity with repair work and motion. The irony of the piece being that some of the sonic emissions are reminiscent of hovercraft engines.


One of the most important prerequisites for anyone utilizing a sailing vessel is a familiarity with radio communications equipment.

Radar, sonar, morse or radio, this is vital for safe navigation of the sea and avoidance of Terra Incognita.

Data will also be transmitted that can be deciphered for the anticipation of weather changes or other important information and one can adopt a posture so as to be able to continue safely upon ones voyage.


This is a definitive seascape. Recorded on a littoral during propitious weather conditions. It took some subtle adroit movements for Mark to get into position so as to record the setting to its optimum potential. So much happening, a juxtaposition of passing ships, avian life, fishermen, berthed vessels and the sea itself, redolent with aquatic life.

The Lighthouse


There is a tower far of at Sea,

a beacon of guidance for destiny,

a guardian for voyagers to new found land,

and tridentine harvesters bringing food to our hand,


Built on bedrock during the hours of light,

for us to navigate through darkness of night,

the keeper maintains, its manner pristine,

we meander through ocean our souls serene,


A quantum of solace to muse upon waves,

reflecting upon ships this sentinel saves, 

poured over cartography, sextant to eye,

the other to barometer, storm is nigh,


This lighthouse a regent of neptune and deep

loyal to the promise that it strives to keep,

protectorate of all who sail afar,

guided safely, northern star.

Mark O'Leary




Mark O'Leary was born in Cork City Ireland. Being mainly auto didactic on guitar he moved to Los Angeles at the age of 17 to study at Musicians Institute, from where he later graduated. He has presented his music in 29 countries and has played at some of the worlds top Jazz festivals and contemporary Jazz venues.


He has toured Europe as a member of Canadian Pianist Paul Bley's trio, he has performed in duo with Jack DeJohnette, in a jazz trio with Yes/King Crimson drummer Bill Bruford, in duo with Han Bennink, composed and performed classical music with Cikada string quartet, collaborated in an all electronics setting with Sound Artist Gunter Muller and with Jakob Riis, in a free improvisation combo with Evan Parker and Sunny Murray, performed in concerts with Anders Jormin and Audun Kleive, played Norwegian folk music with Nils Okland, Swedish folk music with Mats Eden, Jazz with Uri Caine, he has performed in seperate projects with trumpeters Tomasz Stanko, Kenny Wheeler and Cuong Vu. He has the distinction of having played in duo with Paul Bley, Bobo Stenson, Kenny Werner and Matthew Shipp. He has also worked in a trio with ex Weather Report/Jaco Pastorius Drummer Peter Erskine and Palle Danielsson.


He has also collaborated with the innovative percussionists z'ev, Alex Cline ,Hans Kristian Kjos Sorensen and Terje Isungset. He has also collaborated with Stale Storlokken in contemporary trio using church organ and with John Herndon of Tortoise in the Underground Jazz Trio. He has also worked in different projects with Slava Ganelin and Alexander Tarasov of the Ganelin trio fame also in a UK based group with Mark Sanders and Joe Williamson of Trapist.


He has toured in the exciting group Zemlya with Eyvind Kang and Dylan Van Der Schyff and also with Dylan and Wayne Horvitz. In conjunction with Alliance Francaise he performed in a trio with Henri Texier and Aldo Romano. He also played in a trio with Jon Christensen and Terje Gewelt He has played in Poland with drummer Michal Miskiewicz and Tomasz Szukalski and with the Oles brothers Bartlomiej and Marcin. He has also played with the Aka Moon rhythm section of Michel Hadzigeorgiu and Stephane Galland. He has also colloborated in trio with Stefan Pasborg and Peter Friis Nielsen as well as working with other Danes Jacob Anderskov and in duo with Kresten Osgood.


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