Mark O'Leary - Live In Istanbul


I knew Irish guitarist Mark O’Leary mostly by his free-jazz works with Kadima Collective and great Polish jazz musician Tomasz Stanko .


“Live In Istanbul” is a bit different album. Four compositions, recorded during his live show with three relatively unknown Turkish musicians, are modern ambient jazz electronics paintings, combining East and West on an elegant manner.

You will easily hear Mark’s Nordic influences ( read – Terje Rypdal) in cool ambient guitar sounds. At the same time Eastern laziness, some brass in air and trumpet soloing will paint the other half of musical picture.

 More old tower’s stones than Eastern market atmosphere. Trumpet in dry and cool late evening air, Palle Mikelborg’s aesthetics mixed with İstanbul Boğazı breeze. Tasteful electronic doesn’t destroying aerial sound. Free ambient nu jazz for the new Millennium?

You just must to hear it!

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