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MEGATONE - Pure Land


MEGATONE - Pure Land

TIB.IT 002


Genre: Electronic, Ambient

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Track List:


1.  Sunset On Coruscant (1.38)


2.  Blue Skies Over Arcadia (3.45)  free download


3.  Portal To Hyperspace (5.07)


4.  Shanti (2.56)


5.  Acropolis (1.25)


6.  Unicorn (1.33)


7.  Black Lotus (4.23)


8.  Infinity (7.30)


9.  Nirvana (Water Of Life version) (2.48)


10.  Babylon (3.35)


11.  Jade (1.10)


12.  Ocean Of Oblivion (3.56)


13.  Turquoise (1.12)


14.  Moksha (3.24)  free download


15.  Obsidian (1.11)


16.  Ithaca (3.50)


17.  Supernova (4.57)


18.  The Awakening (4.36)


Music composed and arranged by Marcel Gherman (Moldova).


All sounds originally designed.



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Review on album Pure Land published in Artemi Pugachev's Encyclopedia of Electronic Music

Megatone "Pure Land"

Marcel Gherman aka Megatone was a radio DJ in the 1990's but in the New Millennium he has been composing solo Electronic Music of an ambient nature. "Pure Land" is his latest one - a diverse collection of tracks.

 "Sunset On Coruscant" begins this collection with rich synth pads and some heavy effects. A solemn, bright atmosphere permeates this composition. It lasts just under 2 minutes.

"Blue Skies Over Arcadia" is melodic, with very rich arrangements. The melody is pompous but very well done. A very emotional and diverse track which came as a surprise as I was expecting something more ambient.

"Portal To Hyperspace" continues in the solemn symphonic manner of the previous number. At times it almost sounds like a soundtrack, the music is so anthemic. More menacing bass synthesizers appear towards the 2-minute mark, as organ chords add a celestial touch. The track builds to a crescendo, before adopting an almost Bach-like approach, with organ chords completely dominating the score. Nice and highly cinematic.

"Shanti" features a rather expansive melodic theme, accompanied by various synths. Again, this is music of a symphonic nature. Very solemn and bright stuff.

"Acropolis" is in the same style, only this time much more reflective and melancholic, largely without the pomp and over-the-top approach of previous numbers. This one has much more restrained arrangements.

"Unicorn" is almost Baroque, fantasy-like music, with what sounds like an electronic version of a clavecin. The synths are very bright and ethereal on this one.

The Classical influence is all but gone on the next track, titled "Black Lotus". This is much more in line with what I expected to hear from Marcel - lots of synth drones, gently melodic touches and a somewhat shadowy (not dark) sound.

"Infinity" is the longest track at seven and a half minutes. This time the mood is reflective once again, with gentle synth pads, good effects and a slow harp-like melody. All of these elements subside, as a very low drone takes over. However, the reprise of the synth pad melody comes only a couple of seconds later. A section dominated by effects follows. Electronic twitters give way to aquatic sounds that finish this strange piece of music.

"Nirvana" is somewhat meditative but with that extra dramatic touch. I like the echoing effects on this one.

After visiting nirvana, we then enter the "Babylon", where dramatic symphonic synths meet analogue cosmic effects. It sounds more like Space Music than Ambient if you ask me. The track gets really intense towards the end, its warm sound reminding me on Telomere's music.

"Jade" is the shortest track on the album, clocking at just 1:10. It is chock full of cosmic effects without any other accompanying sounds.

"Ocean of Oblivion" has a somewhat doomy piano melody, surrounded by rich synth pads. The track's got a highly cinematic, expansive sound and a somewhat mysterious vibe.

"Turquoise" is another short track filled to the brim with synthetic effects and whizzes.

"Moksha" has aquatic effects and a shimmering synth texture. Very airy, bright stuff.

"Obsidian" is yet another totally spaced out interlude, with buzzing synths and a few shimmering effects.

"Ithaca", on the other hand, is melodic and symphonic, with nice piano. Reminds on early 80's Tangerine Dream, mostly in melodic content but also in sound.

"Supernova" is weirder, with strange bubbling effects, totally spacey synthesizers and reflective synth strings.

"The Awakening", on the other hand, was rather puzzling, as it's basically a straight-ahead Techno / Trance track. It is the least interesting one from the musical point of view.

"Pure Land" was certainly done by a talented artist, the bulk of the tracks being highly cinematic symphonic synthesizer pieces. With Marcel's reputation of an ambient artist I was expecting something in the Roach / Rich vein maybe, but in fact most of the tracks here are brighter, more melodic and more intense than your typical ambient fair. However, the fact didn't spoil the enjoyment I got from listening to it.



Marcel Gherman alias Megatone




Musician, radio DJ and journalist from Moldova. Between 1994 and 2003 author of programs on electronic music on the national radiostation of Moldova, including programs "Techno Mix" and "Zona De Limita".

Since 1994 author of numerous articles in the local press, in publications Saptamina, Democratia, Sud-Est Cultural and Contrafort. Currently working for magazine Sud-Est Cultural and sustaining a permanent header in magazine Contrafort. Has a particular interest for Indian spirituality, most notably the Advaita Vedanta doctrine and the works of Sri Aurobindo.

Music released on international labels and broadcasted on more than 20 international radiostations.


Releases on CD:



  •  "A Journey To The Core Of Reality" (2005) (Tibprod)

  • “Mulberry Forest Voyage”(2007)(Krakilsk)

  •  “Vicious” (2008)(in collaboration with japanese cyberpunk writer Kenji Siratori) (Hypermodern)

  •  “Pure Land” (2008) (TIBProd. Italy)


Tracks on compilations:

  • "Flying Dragon" - compilation "Cat-Zen Jammer"(2005) (Tibprod),

  • "Space Station" - compilation

  • "Noise To Meet You Europe" (2005) (Simlog), "Bindu (Lifeforce)" - compilation

  • "The Scariest Weapon vol. 3" (2005) (Invasion Wreck Chords, distributed thru Ant-Zen and Adnoiseam),

  • "Eden 2007" - compilation "Season Of Snow And Ice" (2006) (Zaftig Research),

  • “Nirvana” – compilation “Tranchillizer” (2008) (Peak, quoted as one of this year’s most successful psychedelic chill out compilations),

  • “Universal Memory Access” – compilation

  • “Dark Ambient Radio vol. 1” (2008),

  • “Obsidian” – compilation “60X60 International Mix” (2008) (from a selection of electroacoustic tracks by international artists previously presented in concerts, at festivals and universities in USA and abroad, including presentations at Oxford and Cambridge, and featuring an audiovisual collaboration with video artist Zlatko Cosic, recently presented on french TV channel TNA) (Vox Novus).


Online MP3 Releases:

  • “Eden” (2006) – netlabel Protoplazma

  • “First Space Voyage” (2006) – netlabel Enough

  • “Moon” (2007) – netlabel Axesscode

  • Selection of tracks on netlabel Electronichunt (2007)

  • Music inspired by game Tomb Raider – official Tomb Raider site (2008)

  • NEW: “Imago Mundi Nova EP” (2008)  – netlabel Enough



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