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Flesh Eating Foundation - Purging


Flesh Eating Foundation


Flesh Eating Foundation - Purging


TIB.IT 003


Genre: Aggressive Electronica, Industrial Punk

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Track List:


1.  Victims    mp3 sample


2.  Godless


3.  Fucking Sick


4.  Godless (The Ladder Remix)


5.  Septic


6.  Godless (Digicore Remix)


7.  You Made Me Suffer


8.  Godless (Multi-Panel Mix)




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About Flesh Eating Foundation - Purging

Following 2007's critically acclaimed "Seethe" CD, Flesh Eating Foundation have released "Purging".


"Purging" contains eight tracks, five brand new recordings and three remixes selected from the "Godless" Remix Competition.


The new recordings reflect the end of one era for the band, an expulsion of bile, bitterness and anger, reflecting both life changing personal events and the doom/gloom of recent happenings home and abroad.


"Godless" is a bruising attack on organised religion built for the clubs.


"Victims" is a slab of digital punk outpouring resulting from the brutal murder of Sophie Lancaster.


"Fucking Sick" has multiple meanings and is a schizophrenic audio train wreck.


"Septic" and "You Made Me Suffer" are wholly more personal, with the latter being a dark claustrophobic and speaker worrying barrage of atmosphere vs outbursts.



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