Buben - Daloni


Buben - Daloni

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Genre: Ambient, Electronic

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Track List:


1. Repulse  


2. Needle   mp3 sample


3. Butt      mp3 sample


4. Neutral


5. Array


6. Staff


7. Khaki


8. Missile


9. Truce


10. Fuse



Vladislav Buben: programming, keyboards, etc.



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The album “Daloni” is an example of dark ambient music. It is deep and atmospheric combining a range of original sounds, both from symphonic music and collected during field recording.

The concept.

In Belarusian “Daloni” means palms. The palms of a person, as chiromantists say, show the person’s ways in life, all the experienced joys and sorrows. The sound ways of the album are to depict these marks on a human palm, the common emotions and thus to show the unity of us all.

The music is as deep and sometimes as unexpected as our life.




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