Genre: Electronic - Industrial

Listen: Purgatoire

Download 4 mp3 albums: Industry  -  Pretium Doloris -  Ad Patres - Hypsis


Genre: Alternative

Download: Mundo Em Retalhos/Arritmia Aritmética


Active Heed

Genre: Progressive Rock

Download: Every Ten Seconds Before



Genre: Progressive Rock - Neo prog

Buy: In Sudden Walks


Artista Senza Nome

Genre: New Age

Download: Album Senza Nome


Astral Travellers

Genre: Progressive Rock

Download: The Truth Beyond

Download: Biography (pdf)


Maurizio Bianchi

Genre: Experimental Electronic - Industrial

Download: Loopspool

Buy: Maurizio Bianchi Remixed Vol.1 - Vol.2


Big Robot & Conrad Schnitzler

Genre: Electronic, Psychedelic

Listen: Outer Robotics Part 3

Buy: Horror Odyssee


Vladislav Buben

Genre: Electronic

Download: Harangue

Buy: Daloni

Buy: The House Of My Ancestors Remixed

Buy: Zhyrba


Cadmium Dunkel

Genre: Experimental Electronic - Noise

Buy: Cadmium Dunkel Remixed Again Vol.1

Buy: Cadmium Dunkel Remixed Again Vol.2



Genre: Electronic - Ambient

Buy: Zittern



Genre: Electronic

Listen: Astralcircle

Download: 4° Collection


Delirio Sonoro

Genre: Psychedelic Rock – Electronic - Progressive Rock

Listen: World Wind (DS Remix)

Download: Remixes 2000-2005

Buy: Delirio Sonoro (1992)

Buy: Bottiglie e Tempo

Buy: Atto Terzo

Buy: A Collection Of Strange Psychedelic Songs


Christian Di Vito

Genre: Electronic – Ambient - Noise

Download: Hap/Leonard

Download: Deux chansons, Remixés

Buy: Live By The Sea

Buy: Battimuro



Genre: Alternative Rock

Buy: I Passi


Flesh Eating Foundation

Genre: Industrial - Aggressive Electronica

Listen: The Deepest Cut (Unscene Edit)

Buy: Purging

Buy: Seethe


Grey Lagoon

Genre: Progressive Rock - Canterbury

Listen: Latest News

Download: Tracks from Syncretic

Buy: Syncretic


Janne Hanhisuanto

Genre: Electronic – Ambient

Buy: Reflections


HPM (Human Progression Machine)

Genre: Post Rock - Classical - Ambient)

Download: Fire Flowers - Perpetual Bliss



Genre: Experimental Rock - Progressive Rock

Download: Alternative Versions from "L'Entant et le Ménure"


Jan-M. Iversen

Genre: Drones - Electronic – Ambient

Buy: Articulating Ideas


Lapis Lazuli

Genre: Progressive Rock, Math Rock, Psychedelia

Download: 4 free tracks


Mademoiselle Bistouri

Genre: Extreme Noise, Experimental

Download: Pussy Chaos

Download: Consorzio Voyeur Spa

Buy: Nikola Tesla At The Wardenclyffe Tower

Buy: Hybrid Fractures

Buy: Subarachnoid Haemorrhage



Genre: Electronic – Ambient

Listen: Pure Land

 Buy: Pure Land (complete album)

Download: Hymn To Planet Earth

Download: Hymn To Planet Earth (Minus Version)


Monday The Twentyfirsts

Genre: Synth Drones - Electronic - Cosmic Music

Buy: There Are No Forbidden Connections



Genre: Electronic – Ambient

Download: All Inclusive


Noise Sound Nation

Genre: Industrial - Noise

Listen: Abstraktes Konzept

Download: Nomadische Strukturen


Non è Importante

Genre: Electronic – Ambient - Noise

Buy: Quietly Into The Unknown


Nasta Labada

Genre: Chill-out

Buy: Serendipity


Mark O'Leary

Genre: Jazz-Rock - Electronic - Ambient

Buy: Live In Istanbul

Buy: Snow

Buy: Astral Fishing

Buy: Project Apollo

Buy: Waves III

Buy: Antarctica

Buy: Astral Fishing Extended Edition

Buy: Istanbul

Buy: Norge - Italia

Buy: Seascapes Vol.I

Buy: Urban Nature

Buy: Remixes

Buy: Markets

Buy: Elektronische Musik

Buy: Seascape Murals

Buy: Electronic Rhythms

Buy: The Keeper Of The Northern Lights



Genre: Metal Prog

Buy: Fables Of A Consciousness


Paolo Paolacci

Genre: Electronic – Ambient

Buy: Ad Vitam Reditus



Genre: Electronic – Ambient - Cosmic Music

Download: Afterparty

Buy: Far Side Of The Galaxy


Rocket Tomat

Genre: NintendoCore

Download: Death Grindtendo for a Heart Dancing - Cheers and Come on Brighten Up!!!


Daniele Santini

Genre: Electronic – Ambient  - Psychedelic

Buy: Nikola Tesla At The Wardenclyffe Tower

Buy: Looping The Loops

Buy: Norge - Italia

Buy: The Seven Astral Levels Vol.1

Buy: The Seven Astral Levels Vol.2



Genre: Electronic – Ambient

Buy: Underskin Remixed

Buy: A Coffee Break



Genre: Trance - Electronic

Download: Zep Tepi



Genre: Electronic

Buy: Shadow Revocation



Genre: Electronic – Ambient

Download: Various Tracks

Buy: Metallic

Buy: Abstract Ways

Buy: Fly



Genre: Psychedelic Rock - Progressive Rock

Buy: Improvvisazioni Vol.1


Symphony Novel

Genre: Progressive - Post Rock

Download: Chant



Genre: Electronic - Berliner Schule für Elektronische Musik

Download: Compilation 1

Download: Compilation 2

Download: Compilation 3

Download: Compilation 4

Download: Compilation 5



Genre: Noise - Experimental

Download: Frequensteiner


Vyazkiy Sharab

Genre: Field Recording – Ambient

Buy: Sounds Hidden Inside The Forest Of The Fall


w. Elektro Projekt

Genre: Electronic

Listen: Minimal Skool

Download: Minimal Skool (Minimal’s Cool!)


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