Cadmium Dunkel

At the moment Cadmium Dunkel is just me, at very rare moments including others, even for "live" playing, but only in my very small home-livingroom-studio, never at public places. I am a painter, at the moment a soundpainter. My canvas is my hard drives and my palett is all the electronig tools I have collected through the years. I like the solitude of my ateliudio. I like the sound of metals...... - and to pervert them. The sampler....wow! When I bought my first one - a Ensoniq EPS16+ - I was in heaven for a year. Still got it and use it toghether with a Kurzweil K2000, E-mu E-Synth, Yamaha AN1x, Korg MS10, Korg Polysix, my Guild guitars and a lot of software on my PC, which contains two Creamware soundcards; a Pulsar1 and a Pulsar2. I also use some very old radios as instruments. I like contemporary music. Both electronic and acustic. Brian Eno, Robert Fripp, John Adams, Pendereski, Ligethi, Nordheim, Deathprod.....Classic composers like Biber, Bach, Stravinski......And symphonic rock-bands like Genesis, Gentle Giant, Van deer Graaf Generator, King Crimson..... I am making music and doing sound-design for movies and radioplays - yeah.....
'Roar Borge, April 2003'

Contact: cadmiumdunkel@gmail.com
Web: www.cadmiumdunkel.org

'Cadmium Dunkel - One, Two, Three, Four, Five'

(Dedicated to Emma Goldman)
At The Funeral Of The West; A Requiem
(Part 1: Here Comes Hell)
(Part 2: Suicide By Murder)
(Part 3: Breath Of Mammon)
(Part 4: The Death Of Amercula)
(Part 5: Mammons Revenge)
"Inspired by the happenings in the Srebrenica region in Bosnia 1995, which UN declared as a SAFE region."
(Srebrenica 1995, Cry From The Grave)

Cadmium Dunkel - Reconstruct II

The Sheepdogs Of Sheol
Piano Atonalis

Cadmium Dunkel - Live In Threschowia