Ivan Bachev - Captures From Sound Behavior, TIBCD10


Vital Weekly Review:
(CDR by Tib Prod)
From reading the very fine print on the sleeve on this CDR, I understood this is a work in progress, finished aswell as unfinished pieces. The composer throws in an old concept, to play the CD in shufflemode. Of course nothing new under the sun (in fact all cd's with more then one track could be played in shuffle mode, me thinks) and something which I never do. I always play them in a linear way. Another conceptual edge here is the "stage from semi-natural behavours-on-how music results becomes - work on mr. Alvin Lucier ideas - generated sound environments where audio to event converted oscillator signals are used to control the parameters of the audio output oscillators, filters, delay, pan generators". Are you still there? Process music it is. Twenty-one minutes and twenty six short pieces of laptop works - clicks, scratches, peeps and oscillating and modulating tones. Not always nice pieces, how can it be for music that is not always finished - and not always sounds you never heard before (unless of course microsound or microwave is not a genre for you). But the execution is done rather nicely. On a scale of ten, I'd rate this with a solid 7. (FdW)

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