decades: the first (poeta negra)

I'm not who knows how much big fan of electro but this is very cool and relaxed album. And yes it is in domain of electro, electro pop, with electro clash intentions. But it doesn't get to there. Maybe even better. Music is mellow; there is much melody, warm baselines, beautiful vocals and small vocoder parts. There are no harsh cheep electroclash synths. Whole music is produced by guy nicked as Pici and some of tracks features beautiful electro vocals of Kiki. All this is understandable. Dj PiCi is electro pop dj and Decades is electro pop project. He is one of the leading Greek techno/electro pop/electro djs. He also appears in deep techno project Epidemic elements and Relax recs. label. Decade's music contains clear references to the early 80 music. Some of the tracks are real groovy club hits. I experience that with mixing this album with other electro stuff. Maybe according to its freshness i can compare it with stuff like scanfrom's album hand picked fragments or great queen of japan album heard rush. But for those who insist on classifying things, references could be made to kraftwerk, miss kittin and the hacker, anne clark… Really beautiful and fresh album.