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- who is coH

COH is the name under which i release what i have done, sometimes with guest contributors that i invite

- coH means dream when u write it with big letters on cyrilic (on macedonian is same as on russian) what can u say about this double meaning of yr name

there is no double meaning, COH is the russian word for sleep and dream.

- you are running label wavetrap that has just couple of releases by now. whats the sound and concept of yr label

the idea behind wavetrap is that i welcome people whose work i find interesting to release their work, there is no particular sound or concept -- when i invite people they can do whatever they please, which is the degree of trust i have in their work.. however, i like the work being personal and therefore by far those were/are solo projects (mika vainio/pan sonic, oswald berthold/pxp/farmersmanual, john everall/tactile, ilpo vaisanen/pan sonic)

- u have also one release on coils escaton and have collaborated with them. what can u say about this collaboration

LOVE UNCUT EP was intended as a comeback to certain layers of the 80ies culture/attitude, the EP is pretty much a B-rated follow-up to the MASK OF BIRTH LP and it is a speculation about the domains that are normally somewhat "censored" as having no relation to love whatsoever. an attempt to expose the "darker", the more sordid aspects of love.

- how can u define the sound that u make under name coH

i can not.. generally, it can also be very different -- right now, for instance, there's a 2x12" record called SEASONS (www.idearecords.com) where i work with traditional instruments.

- your latest release mask of birth was first released as vinyl only on raster noton and now mego has re-released it on cd. did mego invite u to re-release this album, was it your idea or... what is the concept behind this

MASK OF BIRTH was recorded back in 97-98 and it took some time before it was released on vinyl. even though very well mastered, ever since the release i was not very happy with the sound.. so i did decide to release it on CD and asked mego if they would be interested. i am also good friends and have already worked with tina frank who does a lot of design for mego and i had the feeling that the cover she would make will be the most appropriate.. so there it is -- now i am, finally, completely satisfied with the release.

- maybe u do not live in russia now but u r russian. are u familiar with russian scene now. what is going on there

i'm not really that familiar with the russian scene at all.. if it wasn't for a couple of visits to Moscow with Coil that we made in the last two years, i wouldn't really know anyone there.. now there's a few people that i am in touch with, but i'm sure there's many more who contribute to what can be considered a "scene".

- swedish scene is rapidly developed in this period. there are couple of excellent artists and good labels working on there like michael stavostrand and his label mitek, hyper productive hakan lidbo, andreas tiliander, andreas berthling… is there any particular project or aspect from swedish scene that u like and that is more interesting to you

i have little interest in electronic music altogether. i do not follow what is happening here or there.. i know that mikael stavostrand (and, subsequently, mitek) has moved to germany - i just met him briefly in berlin earlier this week.

- swedish scene is one of the european music scenes that are growing more and more in quality and quantity. today there is no particular music centre like at the beginning of 90s were us or uk scene. now music scenes are spreading at more centers like swedish, austrian, german (berlin). do u agree with this theory and what do u think about this process

i'm not sure about that. there were plenty of people working in the areas of experimental music in austria or germany or sweden, for that matter, back in 90ies as well.. i think, it's the media that brings this or another culture to attention. plus, together with the economical integration of Europe or globalisation", in general, the cultural one follows, obviously..

- what are your future intentions

more COH, i guess -- well, for as long as i will enjoy it..

best, ivan